Hugh Laurie, Renaissance Man

The Gunseller book coverYou probably know Hugh Laurie from his Golden Globe-winning performance on House, M.D.  Or you may have enjoyed his comedy stylings on A Bit of Fry & Laurie.  Perhaps you are even aware that he is a talented musician who performs with other actors in Band from TV.  But did you know that he is also a published author?  The Gun Seller is a comic spy caper that crackles with non-stop action, clever twists, and witty wordplay.  With a deft touch that both celebrates and spoofs the conventions of Bond and Bourne-type thrillers, Laurie invites the reader to have just as much fun reading as he did writing:  “She narrowed her eyes…horizontally, not vertically.  I suppose one should say she shortened her eyes, but nobody ever does.”  The Gun Seller is an arsenal of international intrigue, femmes fatales, sinister governments, and snappy dialogue.  Buckle in for the ride.