Good Bye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin DVD coverThe 2003 Sony Pictures film Good Bye Lenin focuses on East Berlin in 1989 and a young man named Alexander Kerner.  Much to the chagrin of his mother, Alexander protests the government just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  In fact when she sees him arrested in the protest she suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma.  Eight months later she comes out of the coma, but knows nothing about the major changes that have taken place in Germany.  Fearful that learning such shocking news will cause his mother to suffer another heart attack, Alexander decides to pretend that nothing has happened.  He pastes old labels over western food bottles and goes so far as to make fake news programs for his mother to watch.  But the trickery becomes increasing difficult to continue as a plethora of products and shows from the west inundate East Berlin.  One afternoon, Alexander’s mother watches as a huge advertisement for Coca-Cola is assembled on the side of a building outside her window.  Certainly something is going on.  Good Bye Lenin is a humorous and touching look at a world in flux.