Four Rare Falcons to Save a Knight

Hawk Quest book coverIt’s 1072. Once, Vallon was a respected military commander, but now he’s a jaded sell-sword. While seeking shelter during a storm in the Alps, Vallon stumbles onto the deathbed of Cosmas of Byzantium. After Cosmas dies, Vallon grudgingly inherits Cosmas’ quest to gather four white falcons from the far corners of the earth as a ransom for a captured knight. Vallon won’t adventure alone. His new faction contains a medical student, a master falconer, the stepbrother of the captured knight, a crossbowman, and a hulking dog. So much for going at life alone. If you like historical fiction à la Ben Kane, Bernard Cornwell, and Joe Abercrombie, you’ll like the blood-red battlefields and anti-heroes of Robert Lyndon’s Hawk Quest.