Read a Book from a Display!

50 Days of Summer Reading Banner

There are 44 more days until the end of Summer Reading! Every day during our countdown we will be featuring slices of library life, books, and topics designed to help you out as you work through 2017 Summer Reading at Mount Prospect. Read more about how you can join in on this celebration of reading and enter to win prizes!

Step Two for Round One in both the DIY Designers and Master Class Designers track challenges you to read a book from one of our displays. Fun fact: the Library has a LOT of displays that host a variety of different books. Most of the displays rotate regularly with different themes and topic, however there are a few that almost always stay on the same them.


Youth Cart Display

picture of youth cart display

Can’t make it to the second floor? We regularly bring down a variety of books you can grab on the fly! The books are located in the Youth Department by the fish tank.

Staff Picks

picture of staff pick display

Twelve Library staff members are featured along with books, movies, TV shows, and/or albums they like. Located on the second floor by the Fiction/AV/Teen services desk, you will never know what you will find here!

Nonfiction Flashback

picture of Nonfiction display

Go back in time to see nonfiction books you may have missed! Ranging in topics, this display shows off titles you may have forgotten or did not have a chance to read.