Bruno, Chief of Police

Bruno, Chief of Police Pam of Information Services recommends Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker:

Martin Walker, senior director of the Global Policy Council in Washington, D.C., lives part-time in France. Walker’s first novel with Bruno, police chief of a Parisian suburb, delves back to World War II France where Petain, leader of free Vichy France, collaborated with the Nazis to wreak insidious horror on the families of French resistance fighters. Using unemployed North Africans who originally fought with France against Hitler, Petain turned France’s allies into terrorists against the French resistance. War-mutilated people clung to their memories. This tale of revenge is interwoven with information about the present day vineyards of France and the very special “vin de noix,” homemade red wine infused with green, unripe walnuts. Those visiting France might ask for a sip!