Books with a Man Wearing a Tie on the Cover

Did you know during the month of February, you can enter to win prizes for every book you read? Stop by the Fiction/AV/Teen desk to fill out a ticket for every book you finish (including e-books and audiobooks) and you might win a gift card! Why not try one of these books featuring a man with a tie on the cover?

The Mark and the Void book cover Finale by Thomas Mallon book cover Meatspace book cover








The Mark and the Void by Paul Murrary

Claude, an investment banker in Ireland, becomes the subject of an author’s next novel and finds his boring average life turning out to be filled with more excitement than he realized in the darkly comedic tale of economics.

Finale by Thomas Mallon

A richly detailed exploration of the Reagan Administration shares insights into the 40th President’s character and decisions while evaluating key historical events and the influences of such figures as Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. (summary from Novelist)

Meatspace by Nikesh Shukla

After losing his job and his girlfriend, Kitab spends his days immersed in the internet, maintaining his various social media presences along with a very mature blog. His life takes a new direction, when a boy with the same name as him shows up on his door step declaring that they should be friends.