Batman Begins

Batman Begins DVD coverThe Warner Brothers Pictures 2005 release Batman Begins is a darker twist on the previously light-hearted Batman saga.  The focus of this film is on the angst and anger Bruce Wayne faces as he struggles to deal with witnessing the murder of his parents when he was just a child.  Though he grows to be an intelligent and successful young man, Bruce, played by actor Christian Bale, is consumed with hatred for his parents’ killer and is determined to avenge their deaths.  This sets Bruce on a journey during which he learns the ways of criminals across the world.  He decides to return to his hometown of Gotham to fight crime and make it a safe place.   With surprising twists and turns, a deeper exploration of Wayne’s psyche, a truer connection to the Marvel Batman comic books and a great cast including Michael Caine, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman, Batman Begins is a unique twist on a familiar story.