Bad Music for Bad People

Psychedelic Jungle album coverWhat do surf rock, bikini girls with machine guns, punk, campy Americana, rhythm and blues, retro horror, rockabilly and B-movie clichés all have in common?  The Cramps. It goes like this: Lux Interior picked up a red-headed hitchhiker named Poison Ivy back in the 70s. They fell into art and love and the world, whether they liked it or not, got the band The Cramps. “Rock and roll is way too healthy,” said Lux Interior. The Cramps were the sick-humored antidote. Lux wore high heels and wrote raunchy odes to Modernist paintings backed by Poison Ivy on guitar bespeckled in sequins or leopard print. Psychedelic Jungle is a step into their unrestricted world of clever kitsch.