A Long Way Gone

A Long Way Gone book coverJoyce from the Fiction/AV Department gives this account of A Long Way Gone

As a boy of twelve, Ishmael Beah was growing up in a small village in Sierra Leone. War, in his mind, was something that happened in neighboring Liberia, or what he heard about on the BBC news. When Ishmael was in a neighboring town visiting friends, war came to his village. Rebels attacked, people ran, but there was no escape for any of them. This event changed his life forever.   In A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael recounts the events of the next years of his life: of finding a haven in an army base, to being trained as a child soldier to fight against those who killed his family, and of the atrocities he saw and participated in. This unforgettable testimony gives us a glimpse into the lives of refugees, soldiers on both sides of a conflict, and the children who have lost their childhoods and their innocence. It is a story eloquently told, that needs to be read.  What are your thoughts on A Long Way Gone?  What other books or movies did you find similar to this book?