A Very Special Delivery

Dear Frankie DVD coverOne of the most sweetly satisfying movies you will ever see, Dear Frankie is funny, touching, and original.  Frankie is a boy who has not had an easy life, but one of his few joys is writing to and receiving letters from his seafaring father.  What Frankie doesn’t know is that the letters are secretly written by his mother (Emily Mortimer), who arranges for them to be posted from different towns.  When her son hears that his father’s ship is expected, well-meaning Lizzie decides to hire a handsome stranger (Gerard Butler) to pose as Frankie’s dad for a day.  Of course, nothing follows exactly according to plan, and the connections formed will change all of their lives.  Director Shona Auerbach styles an affecting debut, and the film deservedly earned several audience awards.  Do yourself a favor and let this engaging film find a place in your heart.