A Laudation of H.P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft Unbound book cover H.P. Lovecraft was a writer of the weird. Lovecraft’s tales usually involved the idea that reality is a thin veil and when it is torn, those that see the horrors and truths behind it often go insane. In Lovecraft Unbound, Ellen Datlow has collected twenty stories framed in Lovecraftian elements. Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon and National Book Award winner Joyce Carol Oates both appear. “The Crevasse” by Dale Bailey and Nathan Ballingrud is a standout story about an arctic exploration with a monster that stays at shadow’s edge. Laird Barron’s “Catch Hell” unearths occult rituals performed in a magnolia-lined small town. No one here is trying to be Lovecraft, but they are giving his themes of fate and forbidden knowledge new life.