Candor book coverRenee of Fiction/AV/Teen Service recommends Candor by Pam Bachorz:

Always be courteous.
Academics are the key to success.
Healthy breakfasts make for smart minds.

What if subliminal messages like these ran through your head all day? Then you’d be living in Candor. Through brainwashing, teenagers in Candor love to do chores, they get straight A’s and no one is ever an outsider. Oscar is handsome, smart, popular and…different. He’s learned to turn off the messages in his head and makes money helping other kids do the same, so they don’t walk around like programmed drones for the rest of their lives. Oscar’s latest target for business is Nia, except that Oscar finds himself completely smitten by her. Does he save Nia from the messages and never see her again or keep her close and risk exposing everything?