8 Poses for 25 Cents

Photobooth: The Art of the Automatic Portrait book coverThe first commercially successful photobooth was created by Anatol Josepho. It was placed in New York City on Broadway in 1925 and was an instant hit. In the first six months, 280,000 people stood in line to use the coin-operated, ten-minute photo machine. In American Photobooth by Näkki Goranin, the history of the photobooth is recounted with pictures of its creation and use. Can’t get enough? Babbette Hines’s book, Photobooth, displays hundreds of pictures from the 1920’s through the 1980’s. The stylistic variation of the snapshot is continued in Photobooth:  The Art of the Automatic Portrait, by Raynal Pellicer, which shows not only the common man but celebrities (like John Lennon, Elvis, Ginsberg, and John F. Kennedy) using photobooths.