Staff Resolution Feature: Reading Books That Bring Excitement

One feature of this year’s Adult Winter Reading is that you decide your own reading resolutions. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, we’ll cheer you on! To help inspire and spark ideas, we’ll be sharing resolutions here every week, so keep checking back to see what other resolute readers are striving to achieve!

Who: Claire from Youth Services

What are some of your reading resolutions?
Ultimately, I wanted to read books I was excited about. So I picked up books and then figured out what resolution they could fit later. It just so happened that these books were in new genres, and from displays. I was also so inspired by one book that I read that I wrote a review for it.

What have you been reading to complete your resolutions?
I read a short story, The Beach at Night by Elena Ferrante, and a novella, And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrik Backman. These were new genres for me, at least, I don’t read a lot of them. I also read the new nonfiction young adult titles Dear My Blank by Emily Trunko and Making it Right by Marilee Peters, which I found on display. The last one I read was March Book Three by John Lewis, which truthfully, I thought was a new book, but maybe that could go under my own resolution, of reading nonfiction about social issues, which I’m really into these days.

Have you completed a resolution yet? How is completing your resolutions going?
So far it hasn’t been hard to find books that I’m interested in that will fit a resolution. Since I’m reading children’s books at the same time, I usually look for shorter, faster reads. Since I have a whole other month of the program, I may read a longer book next.

Now it’s your turn!
Share your reading resolutions on the MPPL Facebook page, on Twitter, or in person at the Fiction/AV/Teen Services Desk.