Month: November 2012

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LISTS: Transgender Culture in Fiction

Stone Butch Blues book coverIn speaking of her time as a closeted transgender person, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! has said, “It’s a feeling of great existential dread. Peripherally, being aware of the way you are in your body and feeling cognizant of the fact that I’m male – like looking down and seeing male features – and feeling, internally, ‘but I’m not’. You feel a detachment, and you feel hyper-aware of everything that’s around you.”

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Guns, Drugs, and Ferocious Living

Crimes in Southern Indiana book coverFrank Bill writes about dirty, lowdown, pushed around, heartbroken, monetarily and (mostly) morally bankrupt folks. His debut, Crimes in Southern Indiana, is a collection of seventeen interconnected stories about people struggling on the hard side of life and, usually, the wrong end of the law. You’ll find blood, botheration, meth, desperation, and the tiniest bit of violent hope in Bill’s clipped, quick, country pulp. Southern themes like the importance of family and beautiful settings get turned on their heads when your family is what backstabs you and the scenery is where you’re buried. If you like Cormac McCarthy or Daniel Woodrell, but want a Midwestern setting and more brutality, try Crimes in Southern Indiana.