Month: April 2012

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Girls with Spice

The Dirty Girls Social Club book coverMeet spirited twenty-somethings Lauren, Sara, Amber, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Usnavys. Friends since their Boston University days, they stick together through troubled relationships and career curves, even though their paths have taken them in very different directions. In The Dirty Girls Social Club, the original chica lit novel, author Alisa Valdez-Rodriguez gives each woman her own voice and the chance to share chapters of her story. The real fun takes place during the group’s twice-a-year catch-up sessions over good food and potent drinks. Fans of Candace Bushnell, Helen Fielding, and Jennifer Weiner will find themselves right at home with the chisme y charla (gossip and chat) of these Dirty Girls.

The Secret Life of the 16th President

Vampires are planning on taking over the United States, and there’s only one man out there who can stop them – Honest Abe. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an alternate history horror novel that explores the secret diaries of President Lincoln.

In June, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits the big screen. If you don’t want to wait until summer to learn the vampiric history of the United States, check out the book.

LISTS: Presidential Intrigue

Fraud of the Century book coverStolen elections. Conspiracy. Assassination. War. Being the President of the United States isn’t an easy job. Whether you want to read about the questionably legit election of Rutherford B. Hayes, see Martin Sheen in The West Wing, or catch up with the latest political thrillers, the Library’s got something for you.

If this election year isn’t suspenseful enough for you, click here for books, audiobooks, and movies about the dangers of being president.

Predictions from the Past

The Wonderful Future That Never Was book coverJetpacks, hoverboards, x-ray specs, teleportation – the future was supposed to be full of this cool stuff. Through the first half of the 20th Century, an optimistic futurism swept the U.S. and was popularized by TV and magazines like Star Trek and Popular Mechanics. We live in a fantastic age – the Internet alone has revolutionized modern life, but…where are the robot servants, flying cars, and cities on the moon? If you’re interested in what previous generations thought the future would be, check out Gregory Benford’s retro-art-tastic The Wonderful Future That Never Was and Daniel H. Wilson’s humorous commentary in Where’s My Jetpack?

When Customer Service Is an Oxymoron

What's Your Problem? book coverJon Yates is a superhero for the little guy. As the Problem Solver, he writes a regular column for the Chicago Tribune in which he goes to bat for consumers who have been overcharged, taken advantage of, and left in the cold. His job is to pressure businesses and services into doing what they should have done in the first place, and now he wants to teach the tricks of his trade to you. His new book What’s Your Problem? celebrates success stories, tells which resources are available when you are dissatisfied, and gives tips on how to use the media to your advantage. What are you waiting for? Cut through the red tape, challenge the system, and get your money back!

Back to the Dark Tower

Stephen King may be best known for books like Carrie, The Shining and The Stand, but he might be best loved for the Dark Tower. The Gunslinger is the first book in the Dark Tower series – which is seven books long and took over 30 years to write.

Here’s an excerpt of The Wind Through the Keyhole, as read by Stephen King. It’s a new addition to the Dark Tower series (book 4.5 according to King) and will be released on April 24, 2012.

LISTS: A Whole Lotta Elvis!

Losing Graceland book coverIf a burning love has you all shook up and shuttered deep in a heartbreak hotel, the only thing that can help you and your blue suede shoes is the king himself, Elvis. Whether you’re a new fan or old, the Library has plenty of Elvis books, movies, and music to sate you.

To surrender to the best Elvis fiction, nonfiction, movies, and music, click here.

Behind the Closed Doors of Car Companies

Revenge of the Electric Car DVD coverRemember the glory days when gasoline was under a buck a gallon? Heck, when it was under three bucks a gallon? The golden age of cheap gasoline seems to be over in America. To combat the continual rise of crude oil, more and more companies are exploring the option of…electric cars. Revenge of the Electric Car is Chris Paine’s hope-filled follow-up to his 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? Revenge of the Electric Car mainly follows Chevrolet, Nissan and Tesla Motors as they all try to capture the public’s hearts (and wallets) without the assistance of gasoline.