Recent Nonfiction Audiobook Additions

Rocket men  book cover

Rocket men

Author: Kurson, Robert, author, narrator.

Flat broke with two goats  book cover

Flat broke with two goats

Author: McGaha, Jennifer, author.

All-American murder  book cover

All-American murder

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.

The better brain solution  book cover

The better brain solution

Author: Masley, Steven, author.

Trumpocracy  book cover


Author: Frum, David, 1960- author, narrator.

Murder beyond the grave  book cover

Murder beyond the grave

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.

The Duchess  book cover

The Duchess

Author: Junor, Penny, author.

The book of mistakes  book cover

The book of mistakes

Author: Prichard, Skip, author, narrator.

The heart is a shifting sea  book cover

The heart is a shifting sea

Author: Flock, Elizabeth (Journalist), author.


I'll be gone in the dark

Author: McNamara, Michelle, 1970-2016, author.

Pops  book cover


Author: Chabon, Michael, author, narrator.

Russian roulette  book cover

Russian roulette

Author: Isikoff, Michael, author.

Faith  book cover


Author: Carter, Jimmy, 1924- author, narrator.

Fascism  book cover


Author: Albright, Madeleine Korbel, author, narrator.

Girl, wash your face [sound recording] :  book cover

Girl, wash your face [sound recording] :

Author: Hollis, Rachel (Event planner), author, narrator.

Yes we (still) can  book cover

Yes we (still) can

Author: Pfeiffer, Dan, author, narrator.

The healthy mind toolkit  book cover

The healthy mind toolkit

Author: Boyes, Alice, author.

So you want to talk about race  book cover

So you want to talk about race

Author: Oluo, Ijeoma, author.

There are no grown-ups  book cover

There are no grown-ups

Author: Druckerman, Pamela, author, narrator.

The world as it is  book cover

The world as it is

Author: Rhodes, Benjamin J., 1977- author.


Jefferson's daughters

Author: Kerrison, Catherine, 1953- author.

Educated  book cover


Author: Westover, Tara, author.

Fair shot  book cover

Fair shot

Author: Hughes, Chris, 1983 November 26- author, narrator.

Directorate S  book cover

Directorate S

Author: Coll, Steve, author.

Squeezed  book cover


Author: Quart, Alissa, author.

When to jump  book cover

When to jump

Author: Lewis, Mike (Michael C.), author, narrator.

A higher loyalty  book cover

A higher loyalty

Author: Comey, James B., Jr., 1960- author, narrator.

12 rules for life  book cover

12 rules for life

Author: Peterson, Jordan B., author, narrator.

Heart berries  book cover

Heart berries

Author: Mailhot, Terese Marie, author.

Killing the deep state  book cover

Killing the deep state

Author: Corsi, Jerome R., author.