Recent Fiction Audiobook Additions

Daughter of war  book cover

Daughter of war

Author: Taylor, Brad, 1965- author.

Celtic empire  book cover

Celtic empire

Author: Cussler, Clive, author.

99 percent mine  book cover

99 percent mine

Author: Thorne, Sally, 1981- author.

Murder with peacocks  book cover

Murder with peacocks

Author: Andrews, Donna, author.

Turning point  book cover

Turning point

Author: Steel, Danielle, author.

Murder with puffins  book cover

Murder with puffins

Author: Andrews, Donna, author.

The American agent  book cover

The American agent

Author: Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author.

The Black Ascot  book cover

The Black Ascot

Author: Todd, Charles, author.

Black leopard, red wolf  book cover

Black leopard, red wolf

Author: James, Marlon, 1970- author.

California girls  book cover

California girls

Author: Mallery, Susan, author.


Devil's daughter

Author: Kleypas, Lisa, author.

Freefall  book cover


Author: Barry, Jessica (Novelist), author.

I owe you one  book cover

I owe you one

Author: Kinsella, Sophie, author.

The last romantics  book cover

The last romantics

Author: Conklin, Tara, author.

The next to die  book cover

The next to die

Author: Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author.

The wedding guest  book cover

The wedding guest

Author: Kellerman, Jonathan, author.

Verses for the dead [sound recording] / [Douglas] Preston &  book cover

Verses for the dead [sound recording] / [Douglas] Preston &

Author: Preston, Douglas J., author.

The Malta exchange  book cover

The Malta exchange

Author: Berry, Steve, 1955- author, narrator.

Run away  book cover

Run away

Author: Coben, Harlan, 1962- author.

Finding Dorothy  book cover

Finding Dorothy

Author: Letts, Elizabeth, author.

The burglar  book cover

The burglar

Author: Perry, Thomas, 1947- author.

Her one mistake  book cover

Her one mistake

Author: Perks, Heidi, 1973- author.

The huntress  book cover

The huntress

Author: Quinn, Kate, author.

The girl in the glass box  book cover

The girl in the glass box

Author: Grippando, James, 1958- author.

Good riddance  book cover

Good riddance

Author: Lipman, Elinor, author.

A lethal legacy  book cover

A lethal legacy

Author: Graham, Heather, author.

Liar liar  book cover

Liar liar

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Looker  book cover


Author: Sims, Laura, 1973- author.

The killer collective  book cover

The killer collective

Author: Eisler, Barry, author, narrator.

The Persian gamble  book cover

The Persian gamble

Author: Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967- author.