Recent Fiction Audiobook Additions

This is what happened  audiobook cover

This is what happened

Author: Herron, Mick, author.

Spring forward  audiobook cover

Spring forward

Author: Anderson, Catherine (Adeline Catherine), author.

A treacherous curse  audiobook cover

A treacherous curse

Author: Raybourn, Deanna, author.

Still me  audiobook cover

Still me

Author: Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.

The rising sea  audiobook cover

The rising sea

Author: Cussler, Clive, author.

The girls in the picture  audiobook cover

The girls in the picture

Author: Benjamin, Melanie, 1962- author.

Surprise me  audiobook cover

Surprise me

Author: Kinsella, Sophie, author.

The flight attendant  audiobook cover

The flight attendant

Author: Bohjalian, Chris, 1962- author.

Operator down  audiobook cover

Operator down

Author: Taylor, Brad, 1965- author.

Let me lie  audiobook cover

Let me lie

Author: Mackintosh, Clare, author, narrator.

The deceivers  audiobook cover

The deceivers

Author: Berenson, Alex, author.

I was Anastasia  audiobook cover

I was Anastasia

Author: Lawhon, Ariel, author, narrator.


Carnegie's maid

Author: Benedict, Marie, author.

Into the black nowhere  audiobook cover

Into the black nowhere

Author: Gardiner, Meg, author.

The chalk man  audiobook cover

The chalk man

Author: Tudor, C. J., author.

The Mitford murders  audiobook cover

The Mitford murders

Author: Fellowes, Jessica, author.

The grave

The grave's a fine and private place

Author: Bradley, C. Alan, 1938- author.

The woman in the window  audiobook cover

The woman in the window

Author: Finn, A. J., author.

The wife between us  audiobook cover

The wife between us

Author: Hendricks, Greer, author.

Robicheaux  audiobook cover


Author: Burke, James Lee, 1936- author.

City of endless night  audiobook cover

City of endless night

Author: Preston, Douglas J., author.

Unbound  audiobook cover


Author: Woods, Stuart, author.

Night moves  audiobook cover

Night moves

Author: Kellerman, Jonathan, author.

Alternate side  audiobook cover

Alternate side

Author: Quindlen, Anna, author.

Fall from grace  audiobook cover

Fall from grace

Author: Steel, Danielle, author.

Dark in death  audiobook cover

Dark in death

Author: Robb, J. D., 1950- author.

Death of an honest man  audiobook cover

Death of an honest man

Author: Beaton, M. C., author.

The great alone  audiobook cover

The great alone

Author: Hannah, Kristin, author.


I've got my eyes on you

Author: Clark, Mary Higgins, author.

Red alert  audiobook cover

Red alert

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.