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List: Prison Reform

Johnson, Alice Marie, 1955- author.

How do you hold on to hope after more than twenty years of imprisonment? For Alice Marie Johnson th... More

Bauer, Shane, author.

"A ground-breaking and brave inside reckoning with the nexus of prison and profit in America: ... More

Bernstein, Nell, author.

"In a clear-eyed indictment of the juvenile justice system run amok, award-winning journalist ... More

Bazelon, Emily, author.

"A renowned investigative journalist exposes the unchecked power of the prosecutor as a drivin... More

Looman, Mary D., author.

"The United States is the world leader in incarcerating citizens. 707 people out of every 100,... More

Drucker, Ernest M., 1940- editor.

Mass incarceration will end--there is an emerging consensus that we've been locking up too man... More

Miller, Reuben Jonathan, author.

A Chicago Cook County Jail chaplain and mass-incarceration sociologist examines the lifelong realit... More

Hylton, Donna, author.

"A bold new voice from the frontlines of the criminal justice reform movement. Like so many wo... More

Fleetwood, Nicole R., author.

"More than two million men and women are currently behind bars in the United States. Incarcera... More

Schenwar, Maya, author.

"Electronic monitoring. Locked-down drug treatment centers. House arrest. Mandated psychiatric... More

Smith, Jeff, 1973- author.

"The fall from politico to prisoner isn't necessarily long, but the landing, as Missouri ... More

Woodfox, Albert, author.

"[This] is the unforgettable life story of a man who served more than four decades in solitary... More

Senghor, Shaka, author.

"In 1991, Shaka Senghor was sent to prison for second-degree murder. Today, he is a lecturer a... More