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List: Entrepreneurship

Fineman, Meredith, author.

"If you prefer to "just put your head down and do the work," or if you feel like bra... More

Finney, Kathryn, author.

"An indispensable guide to building a startup and breaking down the barriers for diverse entrep... More

Vaynerchuk, Gary, author.

"Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiratio... More

Raz, Guy, author.

Raz has interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs, and here he shares tips for every entrepreneur... More

McKeever, Mike P.

Step-by-step advice on preparing a business plan You need a sound business plan to start a busin... More

Hamilton, Arlan, author.

"From a black, gay woman who broke into the boys' club of Silicon Valley comes an empower... More

Weltman, Barbara, 1950-

The tax facts and strategies that every small business owner needs to know for their 2020 tax return... More

Walters, Charlene, author.

"Practical, specific advice and strategies to help women develop an entrepreneurial mindset. &... More

Althoff, Susanne, author.

"Althoff exposes the ways in which the current start-up paradigm was engineered by and for whi... More

Doerr, John E., author.

In the fall of 1999, John Doerr met with the founders of a start-up whom he'd just given $12.5... More

John, Daymond, 1969- author.

Daymond John knows what it means to push yourself hard--and he also knows how spectacularly a killer... More

Steingold, Fred S., 1936-

Whether you're just starting a small business, or your business is already up and running, lega... More

Savoia, Alberto, author.

Alberto Savoia has written a highly practical book that delivers a proven formula for turning ideas... More

Pakroo, Peri.

Want to start a business? Don't know where to begin? Start here. The Small Business Start-Up Ki... More

Blank, Steven G. (Steven Gary), author.

The Startup Owner's Manual is what it says: a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to getting sta... More

Pham, Tiffany, author.

You Are A Mogul addresses the new reality that few of us will work for one company for our entire c... More

Thiel, Peter A.

"Thiel starts from the bold premise that we live in an age of technological stagnation, even i... More