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List: October 2022

Romero, George A., film director.

Recently discovered and restored 46 years after its completion, George A. Romero's film stars ... More

Radwanski, Kazik, film director, screenwriter.

Anne hasn't been the same since the jump. While skydiving for her best friend Sara's bach... More

Luhrmann, Baz, film director, screenwriter, film producer.

Elvis Presley rises to fame in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager,... More

O'Dwyer, Declan, television director.

This chilling four-part limited series chronicles the harrowing backstory of Olivia Winfield as she... More

McDonagh, John Michael, film director, film producer, screenwriter.

Speeding through the Moroccan desert to attend an old friend's lavish weekend party, a wealthy... More

Fabian, Anthony, film director, screenwriter, film producer.

In 1950s London, a widowed cleaning lady falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, deciding sh... More

Marder, Darius, film director, screenwriter.

Darius Marder's Academy Award-winning film stars Riz Ahmed in an intense, committed performanc... More

Waititi, Taika, film director, screenwriter, actor.

Thor enlists the help of Valkyrie, Korg and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to fight Gorr the God Butcher... More

Novak, B. J., 1979- film director, screenwriter, actor.

A journalist and podcaster from New York City attempts to solve the murder of a girl he hooked up w... More

Newman, Olivia (Director), film director.

For years, rumors of the 'Marsh Girl' have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the Nort... More

Burns, Mike, 1973- film director.

Frank, a former police chief, is hunted down by a meth kingpin seeking to silence him before he can... More

Rubio, Nicole, television director.

Chicago's courageous medical heroes continue to confront the city's most challenging medi... More

Heald, Josh, 1977- creator.

"Season 4 finds Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos joining forces to take down Cobra Kai at the Al... More

Richardson, David Lewis, television producer.

It's 1953 and Father Brown carries on investigating various mysteries and criminal activities ... More

Bonnar, Mark, actor.

In the cellar of an Edinburgh house, two gunshots ring out. Across town, disgraced lawyer Max McCal... More

Forster, Chris, 1971- television director.

A woman lies dead in an Antwerp apartment; nearby, a suicide bomber detonates his device at a fashi... More

Sheridan, Taylor, creator.

From Academy Award nominee Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of Yellowstone, and Hugh Dillon, it follows ... More

Moore, Ronald D., creator.

Establishing a home in the New World is by no means an easy task, particularly in the wild backcoun... More

Bullock, Peter (Producer), television producer.

From the makers of Father Brown and Shakespeare and Hathaway, Private Investigators comes a light-h... More

White, Mike, 1970- creator, screenwriter, television director.

A social satire set at an exclusive tropical resort, this limited series follows the exploits of va... More

Haapasalo, Alli, film director.

[FINNISH] Best friends Mimmi and Ronkko have each other's backs, always. They want to live adve... More

Motion picture adaptation of (work): Ernaux, Annie, 1940- Evénement. English

[FRENCH] In 1963, student Anne has a bright future ahead of her, but her dreams of finishing her stu... More