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List: Film Noir

A hotshot crime magazine editor inadvertently becomes the subject of a murder investigation after sp... More

A former policeman sacrifices everything to take down a mobster and his henchman after his wife is k... More

A bickering couple finds a bag of money in the back seat of their car. The husband wants to turn the... More

Wilder, Billy,

Walter Neff is a smooth talking insurance salesman who meets the very attractive Phyllis Dietrichson... More

Melodramatic thriller based on the Hemingway story about two hit men who become curious about the li... More

"June Mills and her sister Clara live a quiet life in a small coastal town until Eric Stanton, ... More

A racketeer's lawyer finds that his boss has found a way to bankrupt New York's numbers ba... More

"Johnny Farrell goes to work for Ballin Mundson, the proprietor of an illegal gambling casino i... More

Classic film noir based on a short story by MacKinlay Kantor. A greedy sideshow sharp-shooter marrie... More

A disillusioned returning World War II veteran has lost the will to fight ... until he arrives at a ... More

A group of small-time crooks plan a daring race-track robbery--but their well-laid plans go awry. ... More

Nick Bianco is a small-time crook who gets caught during a jewel heist. Despite some urging, he refu... More

A seaman becomes involved in the murderous intrigue of a crippled lawyer and his homicidal, frustrat... More

A detective is hired to find out who killed their daughter. Soon, he falls in love with her picture.... More

Duff, Warren,

Former private detective Jeff Bailey is trying to lead a quiet life, but his past comes back to haun... More

An aging criminal is released from prison and decides to assemble the old gang to go on one last hei... More

An American western-adventure writer goes to post-World War II Vienna to find his friend Harry Lime,... More

Welles is a corrupt police official in a Mexican border town scheming to destroy a narcotics agent a... More

Cop Mark Dixon is in hot water with his bosses because of his rough style and tactics. He accidental... More

A young wife is caught in a spiral of deceit, blackmail and murder. Terrified that her psychiatrist ... More