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List: Con Artists

Based on the autobiography of a brilliant young master of deception and the FBI agent hot on his tra... More

Dylan and Jez are con artists, Dylan is a charming American who's run from some characters in t... More

Stephen and Bloom are brothers who have been con artists since they were kids. Stephen is the master... More

A conman falls in love with a woman that is honest, sincere and rooted, but her love for him is shat... More

Con man Jake and his gang, Gordo, Miles, and Big Al, pull off a swindling job stealing money from a ... More

Hustler Gabriel Caine, just out of prison, heads to Diggstown, a small town where boxing matches go ... More

Joe Ross is the inventor of "The Process," a top-secret formula which promises to make his... More

A smooth-talking con man and a nine-year-old orphan are up to tricks in depression-era Kansas. Also ... More

Comedy filmed on the Riviera, it's the story of two con men who compete to see who can extract ... More

Ex-CIA officer Claire Stenwick and ex-MI6 agent Ray Koval are both racing to secure the formula for ... More

Three con artists walk on the razor's edge of life. Lilly has decided it's time to get out... More

Follows a group of con artists in London uniting to pull off complicated scams. ... More

Ill-mannered store Santa Willie Stokes is really a safecracker with a holiday tradition of making on... More

One man's fervent pursuit of wealth and power leads him to religion for profit in the evangelis... More

Set in 1930's Chicago, this story deals with two con men who seek revenge on a big-time gangste... More

A rousing adaptation of Sarah Waters' most acclaimed novel. Orphan Sue Trinder, raised in a den... More

A lighthearted comedy about the adventures of a con man and a lonely G.I. in the rural South. ... More

A mother-daughter con team attempts to take advantage of a tobacco tycoon. ... More

Pathological liar Clifford Irving stages a complex hoax. In the 1970's Irving managed to fool a... More

A woman psychiatrist, trying to help a patient whose life has been threatened, is drawn into the dan... More

A true story of a spectacularly charismatic con man's journey from small-town businessman to fl... More

Steve Martin plays Reverend Jonas Nightengale, a slick-as-oil flimflam man who'll trade salvati... More

Neurotic con man Roy suffers from several emotional problems, including obsessive-compulsive disorde... More

Meredith Willson's Broadway play is brought to the screen in this musical featuring Preston as ... More

When thief Gaston Monescu meets his true love in pickpocket Lily, they embark on a scam to rob lovel... More

Trickery. Deceit. Magic. In this free-form documentary, the legendary filmmaker gleefully engages th... More