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List: Chicago-Based Movies and TV

Belushi and Aykroyd star as the Blues Brothers who are trying to reunite their rhythm and blues band... More

A fierce, larger-than-life depiction of the mob warlord who ruled Prohibition-era Chicago and the la... More

This documentary follows two inner-city basketball phenoms' lives through high school as they c... More

Dave Spritz is a local weatherman in his home town of Chicago. His career is going well, but his per... More

The events in one day of a young man who decides to cut school and head for downtown with his girlfr... More

Feuding brothers in the Chicago fire department become involved in an arson investigation, in which ... More

An up-close and personal view into the lives of everyday heroes. Watch this gripping 24-episode firs... More

A Chicago altar boy is accused of murdering the archbishop and a publicity hungry local attorney dec... More

Joel's parents are going on vacation and leaving him in charge of the house. They trust their c... More

At the helm of the Intelligence Unit is Sergeant Hank Voight, a man not against crossing legal and e... More

Follows the love affairs and belated growing up of a "Generation X" pop music fanatic and ... More

A haunting portrait of Henry Darger, a reclusive janitor by day and a visionary artist by night. ... More

At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and ... More

In the year 2035, robots are a common, trusted part of life. But that trust is broken when a scienti... More

Film about the infamous 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal. The young, idealistic White Sox players who,... More

The story centers on the O'Leary family, whose eldest boys achieve notoriety and power in 19th ... More

Fun-loving and warm movie about high school life in the 1960's. Preach, a serious-minded writer... More

An ex-convict recovering from heroin addiction returns to the Chicago slums and struggles to become ... More

Meet the fabulously dysfunctional Gallagher family. Dad's a drunk, Mom split long ago, eldest d... More

Set in 1968 in Chicago at the time of the Democratic National Convention, this is the story of a TV ... More

Friends from college make a pact to marry each other if they are not married by 28. When Michael get... More

Toula is a quiet, devoted daughter in a big, crazy Greek family. Working in her father's restau... More

The "ordinary" existence of an upper middle class family is shattered with the death of th... More

A devoted daughter who comes to terms with the death of her father, a brilliant mathematician whose ... More

When hit man Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski moves to the burb, it creates a change reaction in ... More

A professional thief is caught between Chicago organized crime families and corrupt police. ... More

A lawyer's life and marriage take an unexpected turn when he follows a woman to a dance studio ... More

Set in 1930's Chicago, this story deals with two con men who seek revenge on a big-time gangste... More

Al Capone established himself as America's most notorious gangster ... a wild, glamorous man wi... More

Two historic programs on one DVD. The Cub Fan is a moving tribute to the most persevering fans in al... More

The story behind America's first serial killer who terrorized Chicago during the turn-of-the-ce... More

The director places moviemakers in boats and floats them down the Chicago River, recording their tho... More

Narrated by Gene Wilder, this documentary brings the Chicago World's Fair to life. Experience t... More