Lists and Suggestions

List: New Fiction in February

Skeslien Charles, Janet

Based on a true story, describes how a lonely, 1980s teenager befriends an elderly neighbor and unco... More

Manansala, Mia P.

Things are heating up for Lila Macapagal. Not in her love life, which she insists on keeping nonexis... More

Berenson, Alex

Rebecca and Brian Unsworth appear to have it all. A nice house in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Two... More

Cosimano, Elle

Finlay Donovan is--once again--struggling to finish her next novel and keep her head above water as ... More

Johnson, Nancy E.

It’s 2008, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama ushers in a new kind of hope. In Chicago... More

Slocumb, Brendan

Ray McMillian loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing h... More

Harper, Jane

Kieran Elliott's life changed forever on the day a reckless mistake led to devastating conseque... More

Kellerman, Jonathan, author.

Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis must uncover the connection between a brutally murdered ps... More

Hannah, Kristin

From Kristin Hannah, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale and The Great Alone... More

Robb, J. D.

The woman’s body was found on a bench in a New York City playground. She was clean, her hair neatl... More

Hobson, Brandon

In the fifteen years since their teenage son, Ray-Ray, was killed in a police shooting, the Echota f... More

Preston, Douglas J

Responding to the promise of a hefty donation from a wealthy, eccentric billionaire with space trave... More

Cosimano, Elle

Finlay Donovan is killing it . . . except, she’s really not. She’s a stressed-out single-mom of ... More

Hurwitz, Gregg

A former government assassin helps a South Texas drug kingpin, a man who does bad things for good re... More

Hart, John

The younger brother of a wrongly implicated Vietnam veteran and ex-con races to uncover the truth ab... More

Patterson, James

When the son of the founder of the world's largest hedge fund is thought to have committed suic... More

Lee, Chang-rae

Tiller is an average American college student with a good heart but minimal aspirations. Pong Lou is... More

King, Stephen

When Gwendy Peterson was twelve, a mysterious stranger named Richard Farris gave her a mysterious bo... More

Johansen, Erika

The Tearling, founded as a utopia, has collapsed and reverted to feudalism. As the gap between rich ... More

Scott, Kieran

Looks at what happens when the death of a husband and father isn't the tragedy everyone believe... More

Kellerman, Jonathan

LAPD homicide lieutenant Milo Sturgis and brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware investigate a decades... More

Bellefleur, Alexandria

A wedding planner job in Seattle means a fresh start for Margot Cooper. But never did she expect her... More

Clayborn, Kate

Sixteen years ago, a teenaged Will Sterling saw—or rather, heard—the girl of his dreams. Standin... More

George, Elizabeth

Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley are back in the next Lynley ... More

Fluke, Joanne

Hannah's up to her ears with Easter orders rushing in at The Cookie Jar, plus a festive meal to... More

Foley, Lucy

Arriving in Paris to stay with her brother, Ben, Jess learns that he has gone missing, and to find h... More

Masood, Syed M.

It is 1995, and Anvar Faris is a restless, rebellious, and sharp-tongued boy doing his best to grow ... More

James, Marlon

This second book in the The Dark Star trilogy delves into the world of Sogolon, where she, a 177-yea... More

Tudor, C. J.

A dark history lingers in Chapel Croft. Five hundred years ago, Protestant martyrs were betrayed—t... More

Wilkerson, Charmaine

Two estranged siblings must set aside their differences to deal with their mother's death and h... More

Rice, Luanne

After artist Claire Beaudry Chase is attacked and left for dead in her home on the Connecticut coast... More

Gramont, Nina de

Every story has its secrets. Every mystery has its motives. "A long time ago, in another countr... More

Deabler, Justin

Lone Stars follows the arc of four generations of a Texan family in a changing America. Julian Warne... More

Wrobel, Stephanie

When she receives an email from Wisewood, an off-the-grid facility where her sister is learning to b... More

Rai, Alisha

Beauty expert and influencer Jia Ahmed has her eye on the prize: conquering the internet today, the ... More

Sundin, Sarah

When the Nazis march into Paris, an American woman uses her bookstore to aid the resistance, while ... More

Robb, J. D.

The scene in the West Village studio appears to be classic crime-of-passion: two wineglasses by the ... More

Raybourn, Deanna

While investigating a man claiming to be the long-lost heir to a noble family, Veronica Speedwell ge... More

Fox, Lauren

Annelise is a dreamer: imagining her future while working at her parents' popular bakery in Fel... More

Jio, Sarah

Inheriting a flat and bookshop in London from the mother who abandoned her, Valentina slowly begins ... More

Menon, Lily

High efficiency break-ups, flashy start-ups, penthouses, fast cars…these are the things Hudson Cra... More

Wilkinson, Gina

At night, in Huda's fragrant garden, a breeze sweeps in from the desert encircling Baghdad, rus... More

Fox, Hester

Once there was a young woman from a well-to-do New England family who never quite fit with the drawi... More

Duchovny, David

For the past twenty years, Bronson Powers, former Hollywood stuntman and converted Mormon, has been ... More

Falade, David Wright

Sergeant Richard Etheridge, the son of a slave and her master, must prove that his troops in the Afr... More

Gailey, Sarah

"I’m embarrassed, still, by how long it took me to notice. Everything was right there in the ... More

Silver, Josie

When a double-booking at a remote one-room cabin accidentally throws two solace-seekers together, it... More

Morgan, Louisa

There hasn't been a witch born in the Orchière clan for generations. According to the elders, ... More

Turnbull, Bryn

This sweeping novel takes readers behind palace walls to see the end of Imperial Russia through the ... More

Herring Blake, Ashley

Delilah Green swore she would never go back to Bright Falls-nothing is there for her but memories of... More

Albertson, Alana Quintana

When fate and tacos bring Ramón and Julieta together on the Day of the Dead, the star-crossed pair ... More