Lists and Suggestions

List: Multigenerational Sagas

Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson, author.

Explores the legacy of racial disparity in the South through the story of three generations of an Af... More

Nguyẽ̂n, Phan Qué̂ Mai, 1973- author.

Years after a family is forced by Vietnam’s Communist Land Reforms to abandon their farm, a grandd... More

Kolker, Robert, author.

Tells the heartrending story of a midcentury American family with 12 children, 6 of them diagnosed w... More

Alyan, Hala, 1986- author.

Foreseeing blessings and troubles in the lives of her daughter and grandchildren, Salma endures hard... More

See, Lisa, author.

While working as divers with the all-female diving collective on a small Korean island, Mi-ja and Yo... More

Yanique, Tiphanie.

Chronicles the families of three siblings who survived a shipwreck off the Virgin Islands in 1916 an... More

Serpell, Namwali, 1980- author.

Three generations of a cursed family traverse from India and Italy to England and ultimately a fanta... More

Kupersmith, Violet, author.

The fate of an unhappy woman who disappears in 2011 while living in Saigon is entwined with a teenag... More

Coster, Naima, 1986- author.

Integrated into a predominantly white high school, an anxious young Black student and a half-Latina ... More

Hoffman, Alice, author.

A prequel to Practical Magic traces the story of the children of Susanna Owens, who, in spite of the... More

Kim, Juhea, author.

After her desperate family sells her to a courtesan school, Jade befriends JungHo, an orphan boy beg... More

Haley, Alex.

Tracing his ancestry through six generations, slaves and freedmen, farmers and blacksmiths, lawyers ... More

Gyasi, Yaa, author.

Two half-sisters, unknown to each other, are born into different villages in 18th-century Ghana and ... More

Hozar, Nazanine, author.

Abandoned as an infant in a corrupt and divided Iran, Aria is raised by three mother figures of disp... More

Cisneros, Sandra.

During her family's annual car trip from Chicago to Mexico City, Lala Reyes listens to stories ... More

Wilkerson, Charmaine, author.

Eleanor Bennett's death leaves behind a puzzling inheritance for her two children, Byron and Be... More