Lists and Suggestions

List: Historical Fiction

Hoffman, Alice.

A tale inspired by the tragic first-century massacre of hundreds of Jewish people at Masada presents... More

Joinson, Suzanne.

In 1923, devout Eva English and her not-so-religious sister Lizzie embark on a journey to be mission... More

McFadden, Bernice L., author.

During World War II, two African American musicians, Harlan and Lizard, are captured by the Nazis in... More

Rindell, Suzanne, author.

"Louis Thorn and Haruto "Harry" Yamada--Eagle and Crane--are the star attractions of ... More

Tanabe, Karin, author.

"Since childhood, Anita Hemmings has longed to attend the country's most exclusive school ... More

Perry, Sarah, 1979- author.

When Cora Seaborne's domineering husband dies, she steps into her new life as a widow with as m... More

McBride, James, 1957-

Fleeing his violent master at the side of abolitionist John Brown at the height of the slavery debat... More

Moran, Michelle, author.

"When the British Empire sets its sights on India in the mid-nineteenth century, it expects a q... More

Rees, Tracy, author.

It is 1831 when eight-year-old Aurelia Vennaway finds a naked baby girl abandoned in the snow on the... More

George, Margaret, 1943- author.

"New York Times bestselling author Margaret George has brought history to vivid life with her c... More

Randel, Weina Dai.

A concubine at the palace learns quickly that there are many ways to capture the Emperor's att... More

Earling, Debra Magpie.

Louise White Elk dreams of both belonging and escape, and of discovering love and freedom on her own... More

Lico Albanese, Laurie, 1959- author.

"From the dawn of the twentieth century to the devastation of World War II, this exhilarating n... More

Montefiore, Santa, 1970- author.

In the green hills of West Cork, Ireland, Castle Deverill has burned to the ground. But young Celia ... More

Wang, Daren, 1965- author.

Rooted in the history of the only secessionist town north of the Mason Dixon Line, Daren Wang's... More

Andrews, Mesu, 1963- author.

"In this epic Biblical narrative, ideal for fans of The Bible miniseries, a young woman taken i... More

Doctorow, E. L., 1931-2015.

Recounts the interrelated early twentieth-century lives of the families of a New Rochelle manufactur... More

Iggulden, Conn.

After gentle Henry VI takes the throne and is promised a royal bride from France, the rival royal li... More

Hickson, Joanna.

Her beauty fuelled a war. Her courage captured a king. Her passion would launch the Tudor dyna... More

Macallister, Greer, author.

Widowed and in need of a job, Kate Warne convinces Allan Pinkerton that a female detective can go pl... More

Kutsukake, Lynne, author.

An emotionally gripping portrait of post-war Japan, where a newly repatriated girl must help a class... More

Parker, Michael, 1959-

Set along the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the 1800's and the 1970s, the novel follows Theo... More

Holloway, Meghan, author.

"Rhys Gravenor, Great War veteran-turned-farmer, arrives in Paris in the midst of the city'... More

Waters, Sarah, 1966-

Nancy Astley, a fishmonger in Whitstable, becomes smitten by male impersonator Kitty Butler and atte... More

Edugyan, Esi, author.

Eleven-year-old George Washington Black - or Wash - a field slave on a Barbados sugar plantation, is... More

Silko, Leslie Marmon, 1948- author.

Tayo, a young Native American, has been a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II, and the hor... More

Mathis, Ayana.

In 1923, fifteen-year-old Hattie Shepherd flees Georgia and settles in Philadelphia, hoping for a c... More