Lists and Suggestions

List: Cunning Characters

Hendrix, Grady, author.

A supernatural thriller set in South Carolina in the '90s about a women's book club that m... More

Slimani, Leïla, 1981- author.

Follows the relationship between a working French-Moroccan couple and their too-good-to-be-true nann... More

McNamara, Michelle, 1970-2016, author.

A masterful true crime account of the Golden State Killer, the elusive serial rapist turned murderer... More

Braithwaite, Oyinkan, author.

Realizing that her beautiful, beloved younger sister has murdered yet another boyfriend, an embitter... More

Whitfield, Clare, author.

London, 1888: Susannah rushes into marriage to a young and wealthy surgeon. After a passionate honey... More

Bruce, Camilla, author.

The good people of Indiana may have their suspicions, but if those fools knew what she'd given ... More

Schwab, Victoria, author.

Making a Faustian bargain to live forever but never be remembered, a woman from early 18th-century F... More

Jayatissa, Amanda, author.

Paloma thought her perfect life would begin once she was adopted and made it to America, but she... More

Yang, Susie, author.

Years after she is sent away from Boston to China for shoplifting, a conflicted Chinese-American wom... More

Downing, Samantha, author.

A seemingly typical suburban husband discloses the secret ways that his wife of 15 years and he keep... More

Chung, Maxine Mei-Fung, author.

A woman with multiple personality disorder finds her other selves becoming assets and vulnerabilitie... More

McCreight, Kimberly, author.

Begged for help by an old friend, an overworked lawyer investigates a suspicious death in a Brooklyn... More

Katz, Erica, author.

A professional forger, who makes copies of nineteenth-century paintings for museums and wealthy coll... More

Katsu, Alma, author.

Recruited by the CIA's Chief of the Russian Division amid rumors of a department mole, former M... More

Constantine, Liv, author.

Joanna is devastated to find Leo has emerged from deep depression only to fall for neighbor Piper Re... More

Miller, Madeline, author.

Follow Circe, the banished witch daughter of Helios, as she hones her powers and interacts with famo... More