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List: Celebrating Arab American Voices

Abulhawa, Susan, author.

"From the internationally bestselling author of the "terrifically affecting" (The Ph... More

Rum, Etaf, author.

Three generations of Palestinian-American women in contemporary Brooklyn are torn by individual des... More

Mustafah, Sahar, author.

"A Palestinian American woman wrestles with faith, loss, and identity before coming face-to-fa... More

Arafat, Zaina, author.

"On a hot day in Bethlehem, a twelve-year-old Palestinian-American girl is yelled at by a grou... More

Alyan, Hala, 1986- author.

"From a dazzling new literary voice, a debut novel about a Palestinian family caught between p... More

Joukhadar, Zeyn, author.

"From the author of the acclaimed and award-winning debut The Map of Salt and Stars, a remarka... More

Kahf, Mohja, 1967-

Growing up devoutly Muslim in her 1970s Indiana community, Syrian immigrant Najla Shamy and her sib... More

Quotah, Eman, author.

"During a snowy Cleveland February, newlyweds Muneer and Saeedah are starting their lives in A... More

Mahmoud, Lena, author.

Isra Shadi, a twenty-one-year-old woman of mixed Palestinian and white descent, lives in California... More

Joukhadar, Zeyn, author.

"This 'beguiling' (Seattle Times) and stunning novel begins in the summer of 2011. N... More

Alameddine, Rabih.

"Aaliya Sohbi lives alone in her Beirut apartment, surrounded by stockpiles of books. Godless,... More

Hassib, Rajia, author.

"A powerful novel about two Egyptian sisters--their divergent fates and the secrets of one fam... More

Matar, Hisham, 1970-

Born into exile, eleven-year-old Nuri, the son of worldly parents who fled the revolution in their A... More

Erian, Alicia.

Sent to live with her strict Lebanese father in Texas upon the outbreak of the Gulf War, Arab-Ameri... More

Blatty, William Peter.

As state security in 1970s Albania tortures a prisoner named Dimiter, known as the American "ag... More

Ahmed, Saladin.

Three superheroes in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms bound together by a series of magical murders must ... More

Lalami, Laila, 1968- author.

"From the Pulitzer Prize finalist, author of The Moor's Account--a timely and powerful ne... More

Dimechkie, Karim, author.

"At the center of this offbeat, big-hearted, and often dark world are a [Lebanese-American] so... More

Serageldin, Samia.

A passionate tale, woven from personal stories of heroic betrayal and love, The Naqib's Daught... More

Aswānī, ʻAlāʾ, 1957-

The Yacoubian Building holds all that Egypt was and has become over the 75 years since its namesake ... More

Ahmed, Saladin, author.

While investigating police brutality and corruption in 1970s Detroit, journalist Elena Abbott uncov... More