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List: Best Books of 2022

Carty-Williams, Candice, 1989- author.

Dimple Pennington knows of her half siblings, but she doesn't really KNOW them. Five people wh... More

Chan, Jessamine, author.

Set in near-future America, The School for Good Mothers introduces readers to a government-run refo... More

Chen, Kirstin, 1981- author.

Ava Wong has always played it safe. As a strait-laced, rule-abiding Chinese American lawyer with a ... More

Cruz, Angie, author.

From the beloved author of Dominicana, a GMA Book Club Pick and Women's Prize Finalist, an ele... More

Díaz, Hernán, 1973- author.

An award-winning writer of absorbing, sophisticated fiction delivers a stylish and propulsive novel... More

Garmus, Bonnie, author.

Set in 1960s California, this blockbuster debut is the hilarious, idiosyncratic and uplifting story... More

Greer, Andrew Sean, author.

For Arthur Less, life is going surprisingly well: he is a moderately accomplished novelist in a ste... More

Hamid, Mohsin, 1971- author.

From the internationally bestselling author of Exit West, a story of love, loss, and rediscovery in... More

Kingsolver, Barbara, author.

The teenage son of an Appalachian single mother who dies when he is eleven uses his good looks, wit... More

McCracken, Elizabeth, author.

Ten months after her mother's death, the narrator of The Hero of This Book takes a trip to Lon... More

McEwan, Ian, author.

With his life constantly in flux as he lives through many historic upheavals, Roland Baines, haunte... More

Nagamatsu, Sequoia, author.

For fans of Cloud Atlas and Station Eleven, a spellbinding and profoundly prescient debut that foll... More

Nović, Sara, 1987- author.

True biz? The students at the River Valley School for the Deaf just want to hook up, pass their his... More

O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- author.

A novel set in Renaissance Italy, and centering on the captivating young duchess Lucrezia de' ... More

Slocumb, Brendan, author.

Ray McMillian loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing ... More

Straub, Emma, author.

What if you could take a vacation to your past, without the filter of memory? What would you give t... More

Strout, Elizabeth, author.

With her trademark spare, crystalline prose-a voice infused with "intimate, fragile, desperate... More

Stuart, Douglas, 1976- author.

The story of the dangerous first love of two young men: Mungo and James. Born under different stars... More

Wang, Weike, author.

Joan is a thirtysomething ICU physician at a busy New York City hospital. The daughter of Chinese p... More

Wilkerson, Charmaine, author.

In this moving debut novel, two estranged siblings must set aside their differences to deal with th... More

Yanagihara, Hanya, author.

In an alternate version of 1893 America, New York is part of the Free States, where people may live... More

Zevin, Gabrielle, author.

On a bitter-cold day, in the December of his junior year at Harvard, Sam Masur exits a subway car a... More

Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979- author.

The award-winning, best-selling author of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel returns with a novel o... More

Gentill, Sulari, author.

The beautifully ornate reading room at the Boston Public Library is completely silent one weekday m... More

Prose, Nita, author.

A charmingly eccentric hotel maid discovers a guest murdered in his bed, turning her once orderly w... More

Hubbard, Ladee, author.

A collection of short stories captures powerful and poignant moments in everyday lives of African A... More

Talty, Morgan, 1991- author.

Set in a Native community in Maine, Night of the Living Rez is a riveting debut collection about wh... More

Beaton, Kate, 1983- author, illustrator.

Katie heads out west to take advantage of Alberta's oil rush-part of the long tradition of Eas... More