Sample Questions Applicable To Almost Any Book


What was the author trying to accomplish (provide entertainment for the reader, deliver a message, or both)?
Do you feel this book included autobiographical elements?

The Book in General

Is the book believable?
What is the book’s greatest strength or most serious flaw?
Did this book shock or disturb you?
If you had to describe this book in just one word, what would it be?
What other books that you have read could this one be compared to?
Would you recommend this book to someone else?


Which character(s) did you identify with most and why?
Did you feel the main character was sympathetic?
Did you love him or hate him?
What problems/challenges do the characters face?
Are conflicts neatly resolved or are they left undecided?
What choices do the main characters face?
How do their decisions affect their own lives and the lives of other characters?
Why does a character make a particular choice?


How is the story told?
Was the book driven by plot, an idea, or the characters?
Is there symbolism in the book?
Does the author’s writing style/use of language add to the book or make it more difficult to read?
Read a paragraph from the book to illustrate the author’s style or special use of language.


What is the book about?
What ideas drive the story?
Is the theme relevant today?


Why do you think the author chose the title?
Was it a good choice?
How does it relate to the story?