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Guinness World Records

In this book I learned that the First Solo plane ride happened on 7/15/1933 for 7 days 18 hours and 49 mins. In world war 2 the water planes took soldiers safely across the Atlantic ocean. I give this book 5 stars! I give this book many stars because I learned things about planes that I dint know.

Book read and reviewed by Michael.

Minecraft Essential Handbook by Stephanie Milton

syndetics-lcThe Minecraft Essential Handbook it is really helpful. The book looks like it is mostly for X Box and the computer. At the beginning of the book you get to learn about Notch and Jeb. Then after that a little bit of history. Then the technical stuff,then controls for Computer,X Box, Pocket edition.Next comes the inventor,y then comes survival mode, and there is a creative mode. Then there is shelter and how to build a chest, then weapons, then food and heath.Next come the animals there are bats, chickens, cows ,horses,mushroom [cow],ocelot,pigs,sheep,squids,wolves. Then there are villagers and also hostile mobs.There are creepers,skeletons,zombies,spiders and ,enderman. [they are only in the computer and x box mode],slimes. There is also breeding animals. Next is armor – there is leather, iron, gold[butter], diamond.That is all for the minecraft essential handbook. I liked this book because I play Minecraft XBox and pocket.

Book read and reviewed by Mia.

Amelia Earhart by Tanya Lee Stone

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart  It is such a good book. I love learning about her life. It is so interesting. I love reading about her. She must of been amazing. You should read this book to learn about her amazing journey!!

Book read and reviewed by Alexis.