The Secret of Jungle Park by Laura Lee Hope

The New Bobbsey Twins, The Secret Of Jungle ParkHey hey! I read The Secret of Jungle Park by Laura Lee Hope. Nan and Bert Bobsey are setting up a rock band stage for their band, “The Aliens.” They put on goopy make-up to make them look out of this world. Jungle Park is going to close on account of a smoke bomb. Freddie and Flossie, Nan and Bert, and the police are trying to find the culprit. Who is the “BAD GUY or GAL”? Is it the mechanic, Danny, Beverly, the owner, Nan, or the innocent angel Flossie?

Book read Sophie, a star reviewer

A note from the Librarian: Sorry, readers, we don’t have this book in our collection but keep on reading!