Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen (Dork Diaries, #9) by Rachel Renée Russell

Cover image for Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queenDork Diaries #9 is about Nikki loosing her diary and she and her friends try to find it. Meanwhile, Makenzie has it writing a bunch of new entries. Most of Makensies entries are very mean.

Nikkis and her bands career is better because Nikki has her own new miss know it all website. The miss know it all website has places to write your own questions and miss know it all will answer it. One of the questions is from chloe about having braces. Ans there one is from Jessica about when Makenzie threw up in front of the class and that made Makenzie unpopular. So then Jessica has to choose would she rather have Mackenzie as a friend or be queen of the CCD Group.

Book read and reviewed Samaira.