My Last Best Friend by Julie Bowe

Cover image for My last best friendIt is about a girl names Ida May whose best friend moved away. When school started she didn’t have anyone to play with. In class they played a fun game where they had to say three things about themselves. There was a new girl in school and when she said the three things about herself, her lie was that her real name is Stacy. So Ida was thinking and wrote to Stacy, what is your real name? Jenna the mean girl asked Ida to a sleepover but Ida’s Mom and Dad made her go. Jenna and jer friends went outside when Ida stayed inside with Jenna’s little sister they played a make believe game. Ida was Queen Cordelia. Jenna’s little sister was Princess Penelopea. Stacy and Ida kept exchanging notes. One of Stacy’s notes was that she was in an emergency. You will have to read the book to see what the emergency is.