Kitchen Princess Volume 4 by Miyuki Kobayashi

Kitchen Princess Volume 4 by Miyuki KobayashiKitchen Princess Volume 4 by Miyuki Kobayashi
This story is about when Najika’s adventures continue. Akane took the watch that Daichi was going to give to Najika because her old watch broke. Daichi sees Akane has a watch and Akane says it’s the watch from Najika and that Najika said she didn’t need it. Daichi got upset and he did not talk to Najika the whole entire day. Akane was a little guilty of what she did, but she likes Daichi too so she did that. Sora buys Najika a new watch, and she wears that– Daichi was starting to forgive Najika, but when he sees the watch he got all jealous again. And tells Najika she is annoying. Najika is sad and she tells Sora that she finally likes him, and Sora says he is the ‘Flan Prince’ that Najika was looking for in a long long time. But Sora says she will fix things with Najika and Daichi. He does and they both find out Akane took the watch, and the next day at school she calls the watch cheap. And Najika got angry and the girls poured water on each other and got in trouble. But finally Akane and Najika become friends because Najika stood up for her. And when Najika is going to enter a cooking contest, Sora kissed her forehead, and Daichi got even more jealous. Najika goes after Daichi after he ran off… and he suddenly kissed her!
To be continued
Book read by Jemi

A note from the Librarian: This book is located in our Young Adult collection on the second floor of the library.