Kitchen Princess Volume 6 By Miyuki Kobayashi

 Kitchen Princess Volume 6 By Miyuki KobayashiKitchen Princess Volume 6 By Miyuki Kobayashi
After Sora dies Najika loses her taste, and finds out that she has also lost her Flan Prince because Sora was not the one. But she still goes to the competition even though she is almost paralyzed from all the shock of losing Sora because she knew he would want it. She does but she does not win and for that she is kicked out of the academy– Daichi will do anything to get her back in, even if it means to take his brother’s place and he does. Najika gets to stay, but she is not in the special class anymore and she does not get to live in dorms. She lives in a very tiny tiny room in the Fujita Diner and goes to regular people classes. But it is still OK because she still gets to cook in the Fujita Diner, but Akane is worried because Daichi is starting to change and not like his old self. Najika is also worried, but when he drops by the Diner Najika finds out he is still the same and she is very happy. Fujita asks when Daichi will tell Najika his true feelings. Daichi says he cannot do that so soon after his brother died because Najika liked him. But there is a big surprise and Najika is feeding one of her customers and they insult her food and the customer looks EXACTLY LIKE HER SORA! I do not know if it is really Sora, because he died. Maybe he came back to life? I don’t know.

Book read by Jemi.

A note from the Librarian: This book is located in our Young Adult collection on the second floor of the library.