Kitchen Princess Volume 5 by Miyuki Kobayashi

Kitchen Princess Volume 5 by Miyuki KobayashiKitchen Princess Volume 5 by Miyuki Kobayashi
This story is after Volume 5, Najika and Daichi will not talk to each other because they are still embarassed about their kiss. Najika asks Daichi about it later and she says they’re good friends. Daichi wanted them to be more than friends because he liked her, and lies that the kiss meant nothing and he was only trying to compete with his brother. Najika is really sad because that was her first kiss ever. And Daichi is sorry for what he said, so he begs Sora to make Najika feel better. It all works out, then Najika decided to enter a contest. But after she won the round, Sora and Daichi’s dad put her in the newspaper and made her sound like a helpless girl. And she didn’t like that, so stops talking to Sora, because it was all his doing. But the next day, Sora says he’s really very sorry and makes her milk crepe. They make up, and Daichi still thinks his brother is a traitor and not to trust him. But, on the day of the last contest, Sora was going to tell Najika how he felt!
about her, and when he was out buying beans. He axsidently got hurt by a truck. Najika doesn’t know about it.
But it will be continued the next time.

Book read by Jemi

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