Idora by Alex Godard

I’m ready to review another book (I think that I’m getting back into the book reviewing groove!).
The book is called Idora by Alex Godard.  This tale is about a lonely giraffe named Idora. She lives in a small apartment in Paris, France, with her cat, Sinbad. She really wants to go to the sea, and when her apartment building is sold, and is going to be knocked down, she escapes the filthy city of Paris and makes for the beautiful, blue Mediterranean. On the way, I think she meets some other giraffes and they become her friends, because in the book says that “The air smelled on lavender and pine…. The world was full of hope…. Idora took a deep breath. She felt very excited and very happy”.
The book was sort of odd, and the pictures made the book very confusing. It was short, and, well, an OKAY read.

Book read and reviewed by starred reviewer Kevin