Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath

Everything on a Waffle The books name is Everything On a Waffle, By: Polly Horvath. Summary: This is a story about girl  waiting
for her parents on the beach. The girl is waiting
because her brother went  to the sea and her parents
went to look for him. Then her parents didn’t came back so a neighbor came to her and the neighbor
took her to the neighbor’s house. In the morning the
girl went to look for her parents at beach. She thinks her is on a other Island. Then she went back
to neighbor’s house.After 2 years later the girl put so many plates on a waffle. One day at morning she went to the beach. She sit there for a while
and she saw two people coming in a boat.When the
the boat came closer she saw her parents.After the
boat stopped the parents saw their daughter and they lived happy forever.

Book read and reviewed by Febin.