Library Logo


The Library logo features an abstraction of a tree splitting off into three branches with leaves at the end of each branch. The tree motif was taken from the Library’s original seal, which pictures the “Tree of Knowledge.”

Each branch in the logo stands for a unique principle that the Mount Prospect Public Library embodies. The first and longest branch signifies community, which provides a base from which the other branches grow. The second branch signifies knowledge. The third branch signifies growth.

The progression of the branches is loosely based on the top three tiers of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Community represents the Social, the desire to be part of a group; Knowledge represents the Ego, or the desire to seek something more within oneself; Growth represents Self-Actualization, or seeking a higher level of creativity and opportunity

The graduated horizontal lines behind the tree signify elevation and movement — elevation to another plane of knowledge and movement from darkness into light. The ocular movement of the lines also accentuates and enhances the natural growth of the tree.

The founding date of the Library, 1943, was also included in the logo as in the original Library seal.

The new logo was designed by Scott Suchta, a local graphic designer — the type is set in the face Minion by Adobe Systems.