Library Life Episode 174

Library Life: February 2016

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Highlights from the Winter Book Sale, one of the quarterly Book Sales organized by the Friends of the Mount Prospect Public Library, who raise funds to help support the Library.
  • An interview with Certified Financial Planner John Daly, previewing the February 16 program Understanding the Impact of Rising Interest Rates and explaining how inflation, economic, and market conditions can have both positive and negative effects on your overall portfolio.
  • A window into Make & Take Craft at the South Branch where children of all ages are invited to make an assortment of crafts celebrating the Chinese New Year.
  • Adult Services Staff Recommendations include encounters with aliens: Chariots of the Gods, by Erich Von Däniken; The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney; and movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Cocoon. Best Book Pick within this theme: Communion, by Whitley Strieber.
  • Youth Services Best Book Recommendations: The Disappearance of Emily H., by Barrie Summy. Other haunting stories include: I Text Dead People, by Rose Cooper; My Haunted House, by Angie Sage; Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator, by Jennifer Allison; Spirit’s Key, by Edith Cohn; and Seraphina and the Black Cloak, by Robert Beatty.
  • Super Saturday: Kids & Families Rock! With ScribbleMonster, the high-energy performance that mimics a great rock concert gets kids and their families on their feet singing and dancing.
  • Patron Interview: What is your favorite book or movie genre and why?

Library Life Episode 173

Library Life: January 2016

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Details of the Winter Reading Program: Escape with Books from the Library’s Youth, Teen, and Adult Services Departments.
  • An interview with Business Reference Librarian Joe Collier, highlighting The Entrepreneur’s Initiative, a collaboration between The Chamber of Commerce, Mount Prospect Downtown Merchants Association, Mount Prospect Public Library, and The Village of Mount Prospect, working together to connect people to resources that encourage, strengthen, and support small businesses.
  • A tour of the Discovery Zone, the newest addition to the Youth Services department where children in first through fifth grades can explore many exciting components of STEAM (science, technology, arts, and math).
  • Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Earmuffs for Everyone!, by Meghan McCarthy. Other invention and inventor stories include: Ferris and His Wheel, by Kathryn Gibbs Davis; The Day-Glo Brothers, by Chris Barton; So You Want to be an Inventor, by Judith St. George; Ben Franklin’s Big Splash, by Barb Rosenstock; and Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum, by Meghan McCarthy.
  • Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes animals that make a difference: The Last Whale, by Michael Parfit; Elephant Company, by Vicki Croke; Shy Boy, by Monty Roberts; Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family, by Helen Brown; and The Killing of Wolf Number Ten, by Thomas McNamee. Best Book Pick within this theme: A Wolf Called Romeo, by Nick Jans.
  • Dream Catcher Craft, the hands-on program where patrons create a traditional article of Native American folklore meant to bring good dreams.
  • Patron Interview: What do you feel is the best invention and why?

Library Life Episode 172

Library Life: December 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • A behind the scenes look at Mount Prospect Public Library’s Technical Services Department, providing insight as to how the Library preserves the integrity of the online catalog.
  • An interview with Peter Garino, Artistic Director of The Shakespeare Project of Chicago, describing the staged reading performances of Shakespeare’s works – the new Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation-sponsored signature series for 2016.
  • A front row seat of the beautiful sounds of O Solo Piano!, featuring the Italian piano masterworks performed by Chick Billington.
  • Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes works featuring The White House: First Families, by Bonnie Angelo; To Serve the President, by Bradley H. Patterson; Inside the White House, by Noel Grove; and featured DVDs; Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Inside The White House. Best Book Pick within this theme: The Residence, by Kate Anderson Brower.
  • Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: The Great Green Heist, by Varian Johnson. Other pranks, cons and heist stories include: The Terrible Two, by Mac Barnett and Jory John; The Taper Twins Go To War, by Geoff Rodkey; How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy, by Crystal Allen; Tricky Vic, by Greg Pizzoli; and The Fairy Ring, by Mary Losure.
  • Highlights from Professor Marvel’s Amazing Flea Circus, a performance called “the greatest show on earth in miniature.”
  • Patron Interview: What is your New Year’s Resolution and why?

Library Life Episode 171

Library Life: November 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

Highlights from Cultural Series Festival Night: Musica Italiana featuring a sampling of some of Italy’s best works performed by Main Street Opera.

An interview with Pat Klawitter, President of the Friends of the Mount Prospect Public Library, detailing the longtime history of the Friends and how their support of the Library has evolved over the years.

A front row seat in the hands-on program All New Elegant Paper Craft Projects, where patrons are taught how to prepare and assemble an array of unique gifts for that special someone.

Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Shooting at the Stars, by John Hendrix. Other picture books for older readers include: Abe’s Fish, by Jen Bryant; Heroes of the Surf, by Nancy Carpenter; Wall, by Tom Clohosy Cole; Bunny the Brave War Horse, by Elizabeth MacLeod; and The Kite That Bridged Two Nations, by Alexis O’Neill.

Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes books on Grammar and the English language: Between You and Me, by Mary Norris; Woe is I, by Patricia T. O’Connor; Word Nerd, by John D. Williams Jr.; If I was You, by Lauren Sussman; and Kiss My Asterisk by Jenny Baranick. Best Book Pick within this theme: One Day in the Life of the English Language, by Frank Cioffi.

A preview of The Prospect Madrigals: A Holiday Concert, an a cappella performance featuring 20 students from Prospect High School showcasing music written and composed in the 16th century.

Patron Interview: What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?

Library Life Episode 170

Library Life: October 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

Highlights from a South Branch concert featuring the traditional sounds and exciting rhythms of Jarochicanos Fandango.

An interview and demonstration with Paul Seils, President of Busse’s Flowers & Gifts, Inc., featuring tips and techniques for arranging a stunning flower display, in addition to details about the November 17 program, Thanksgiving Floral Design.

A peek into the future to Explore 3-D Printing, the exciting technology where ideas can become a reality.

Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes selections from Reaktion Books’ Animals series: Spider, by Katarzyna Michalski and Sergiusz Michalski; Flamingo, by Caitlin R. Kight; Elephant, by Dan Wylie; Hare, by Simon Carnell; and Tortoise by Peter Young. Best Book Pick in this series: Monkey, by Desmond Morris.

Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: The House of a Million Pets, by Ann Hodgman. Other books with an animal theme include: For the Love of Dogs, by Allison Weiss Entrekin; Dewey the Library Cat, by Vicki Myron; Rascal, by Sterling North; Dozer’s Run, by Debby Levy; and The Tarantula in My Purse, by Jean Craighead George.

Scenes from Super Saturday: Very Funny Magic With Dennis DeBondt, an energetic and interactive comedy magic show that delights guest with a larger-than-life, supernatural sense of humor.

Patron Interview: What is your favorite science fiction thriller and why?

Library Life Episode 169

Library Life: September 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

Highlights from The Music of Carole King, Carly Simon, and Joni Mitchell, a cabaret style performance, sponsored by the Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation, featuring memorable classics written by the three legendary

An interview with NAMI Reads Program Director, Nancy Sussman, and NAMI Board Member and Educator, Judy Graff, on the history of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and their upcoming October 14 program, NAMI Reads: An Evening With Author Anna Berry.

A front row seat to Meet Amelia Earhart, the dramatic portrayal by Leslie Goddard who tells the story of this American Aviator and her journey as she perused her own passions while inspiring others to do the same.

Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes books on Human Behavior: Shyness, by Philip G. Zimbardo; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon; The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier; Unhinged, by Anna Berry; and the film, Body Heat starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Best Book Pick on this subject: The Hidden Brain, by Shankar Vedantam.

Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Closed for the Season, by Mary Downing Hahn. Other books set in abandoned places include: Lost Cities, by Natalie Lunis; Haunted Houses, by Robert D. San Souci; The Dragon of Cripple Creek, by Troy Howell; Crandalls’ Castle, by Betty Ren Wright; and Swindle, by Gordon Korman.

>Scenes from Super Saturday: Improve Playhouse Presents The Three Little Pigs, an interactive performance captivating young audience members with their silly scenarios, catchy songs and their unique twist on a classic tale.

Patron Interview: What was the most enjoyable concert you ever attended and why?

Library Life Episode 168

Library Life: August 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

Highlights from Encore! Presents: Welcome to the Theater, an all Broadway inspired dynamic concert, sponsored by the Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation.

An interview with Certified Health Coach, Kim Salzman, who previews her July 14 program, A Guide to Prime Time Health, detailing “America’s Pediatrician,” Dr. Sears’ 5 Steps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A window into Read With a Community Hero, where some of Mount Prospect’s local heroes visit the Library for a storytime and show-and-tell of emergency vehicles.

Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: The Dumbest Idea Ever, by Jimmy Gownley. Other school stories in Graphic Novels include: Knights of the Lunch Table, by Frank Cammuso; Squish Super Amoeba, by Jennifer L. Holm; Astronaut Academy Zero Gravity, by Dave Roman; Drama, by Raina Telgemeier; and Cleopatra in Space, by Mike Maihack.

Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes lyrical novels: Everything Good Will Come, by Sefi Atta; What You See in the Dark, by Manuel Muñoz; The Translator, by Leila Aboulela; Blue Eyes, Black Hair, by Marguerite Duras; Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; and Best Book Pick: Becoming Abigail, by Chris Abani.

Scenes from Teen Paper Bead Creation, a hands-on program that demonstrates the simple process of creating beautiful paper beads, allowing teens to learn something new and meet other like-minded creative people.

Patron Interview: Who is your hero and why?

Library Life Episode 167

Library Life: July 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Highlights from DIY Bicycle Repair & Maintenance, a Reduce Your Waste Line program where staff from Prospect Bikes and Trains educate patrons about bicycle upkeep and care to ensure a safe ride.An interview with Musical Biographer, Susan Benjamin, who previews her July 30 program, Harold Arlen: Beyond the Rainbow, detailing the personal story of the composer and musician who contributed greatly to the American Songbook.

    Creative designers building take-home pieces in Teen Open Creation: Music Making, where teens are given the supplies and instruction to create one-of-a-kind items.

    Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes book that intertwine fantasy indulges with personal revelations: A Vintage Affair, by Isabel Wolff; The Sugar Queen, by Sarah Addison Allen; Chocolat, by Joanne Harris; Lucia, Lucia, by Adriana Trigiani; Sweetshop of Dreams, by Jenny Colgan; and Best Book Pick: The Dress Shop of Dreams, by Menna van Praag.

    Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Dory Fantasmagory, by Abby Hanlon. Other beginner chapter books include: I Don’t Believe it, Archie, by Andrew Norris; Archie Takes Flights, by Wendy Mass; Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny, by John Himmelman; Princess in Black, by Shannon & Dean Hale; and The Chicken Squad, by Doreen Cronin.

    Scenes from Super Saturday: Super Stolie, the show that rocked the house celebrating language and music, while encouraging the audience to get up and dance and be silly in front of others.

    Patron Interview: Who is your favorite composer of popular music and why?

Library Life Episode 166

Library Life: June 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Highlights from the Adult Spelling Bee, a National Library Week program of friendly competition where community notables spell their way to fun prizes and bragging rights.An interview with Executive Director and Chief Historian, Ted Wachholz, who describes the terrifying account of passengers who attended Western Electric Family Picnic that fateful day in July 1915 as we commemorate The Eastland Disaster Centennial.

    Budding scientists learning all about plants during Mad Scientist Club Junior: Here We Grow, where young visitors enjoy a little storytime, a guessing game, and 3 stations of experiments.

    Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Lost in NYC, by Nadja Spiegelman. Other new graphic novels include: Phoebe and Her Unicorn, by Dana Simpson; hidden, by Loic Dauvillier; The Stratford Zoo Midnight Review Presents Macbeth, by Ian Lender; Roller Girl, by Victoria Jamieson; and Lowriders in Space, by Cathy Camper.

    Adult Services Staff Recommendation also includes the Graphic Novel genre: Asterios Polup, by David Mazzucchelli; Body World, by Dash Shaw; Ice Haven, Daniel Clowes; Building Stories, by Chris Ware; An Anthology of Graphic Fiction Cartoons and True Stories, by Ivan Brunetti; and Best Book Pick: Here, by Richard McGuire.

    Scenes from Super Saturday: Indian Dance Featuring Kalapriya, the exquisite performance combining colorful dances and stories from Indian mythology.

    Patron Interview: What is your favorite summer tradition and why?

Library Life Episode 165

Library Life: May 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • The launch of the Summer Reading Program: Read to the Rhythm, detailing how readers of all ages can get in tune and earn prizes for reading from the Adult, Teen, and Youth Services departments.

    An interview with author, Sue Baugh, who describes her journey to remote areas of the earth, rediscovering the conversations between us and nature, featured in the June 4 program, Echoes of Earth.

    Imaginative crafts created with recycled and repurposed pieces during Create-a-Craft: Earth Day Fun, where young visitors work at their own pace to create something “green.”

    Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Bud, not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis. Other music-themed books include: Molly Moon and the Monster Music, by Georgia Byng; The Last Holiday Concert, by Andrew Clements; The Music of Dolphins, by Karen Hesse; The Trumpet of the Swan, by E. B. White; and A Mouse Called Wolf, by Dick King-Smith.

    Adult Services Staff Recommendation also includes books with a music theme: Hip Hop Family Tree, by Ed Piskor; When They Were Boys, by Larry Kane; The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, Vivek J. Tiwary; The Beatles Anthology, by The Beatles; The Beatles: An Oral History, by David Pritchard and Alan Lysaght; and Best Book Pick: Baby’s in Black, by Arne Bellstorf.

    Scenes from Super Saturday: Andy Head’s Wonderfully Wacky Juggling Show, the exhilarating performance featuring dramatic tricks designed for sophisticated kids and silly adults, alike.