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Book Trailer of the Week–When We Wake by Karen Healey

This week’s book trailer of the week is for When We Wake by Karen Healey.  Tegan has woken up from a cryogenic freeze 100 years after she was shot by a sniper at a protest.  In this future dystopian world, Tegan has to figure out why she has awoken and to navigate the new ways of life in this world.  As this fast-paced mystery unfolds, the truth comes out as to why the government woke Tegan up and what they have planned for her.  Click here to find When We Wake in the Library!

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Book Trailer of the Week– Venom by Fiona Paul

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Venom by Fiona Paul.  Cassandra is a young noblewoman who feels the constraints of her Renaissance Venetian life.  This changes, however, when Cass finds the body of a murdered woman in the tomb of her recently deceased friend.  Now Cass is determined to find the killer of this young woman, as Venom unravels into a fast paced mystery.  Click here to find Venom in the Library!

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March Madness is upon us

March is the ultimate month to be a basketball fan!  If you can break yourself away from NCAA tournament, then check out some of these basketball themed books (click on the cover to find it in the Library!):

The Final Four

by Paul Volponi


Alternating chapters center on four different players on the two teams that meet in a semi-final game of the NCAA Final Four Tournament.

  Last Shot

by John Feinstein


Two eighth grade students win the opportunity to cover the NCAA Final Four first hand as journalists, but while reporting live at the tournament they uncover a scandal that involves blackmail.


by Walter Dean Myers


Drew is a senior living in Harlem and has dreams of making it in the NBA, but he has to learn to control his anger issues first.


by Matthew Quick


Two basketball teammates, one black and one white, form a connection through tutoring and find that they have a lot more in common than they had first thought.

  The Pick-Up Game: a Full Day of Full Court


This collection of short stories focuses on different perspectives of one pick up game played on a hot day in July in New York City.

  Girl Got Game

by Shizuru Seino


This manga series centers on Kyo, whose father is determined to live out his NBA dreams through his daughter.  Her father signs her up for the boy’s basketball team and Kyo masquerades as a boy on the team to make her father happy.

  Basketball Slave

by Mark Johnson

YA 796.323 JOHNSON, A.

Andy Johnson’s son, Mark Johnson, tells his father’s story of how Andy became one of the original Harlem Globetrotters.

  In the Paint: Tattoos of the NBA and the Stories Behind Them

by Andrew Gottlieb

YA 796.323 GOTTLIEB, A.

This is a collection of high res photos of some of the more unique NBA tattoos and the first hand stories by the players about why they got them.


  When March Went Mad

by Seth Davis

796.3236 DAVIS, S.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are famous for one of the most well known basketball games in history: the 1979 NCAA Championship game between the Michigan State Spartans and the Indiana State Sycamores.  Davis retells the events that led up to the famous game.


by Lance Allred

796.323 ALLRED, L.

Lance Allred is the NBA’s first deaf player.  In this memoir he tells his story of growing up in a fundamentalist Mormon household, realizing his dream of being in the NBA, and how hard it was to get there.

  The Ultimate Book of March Madness

by Tom Hager

796.3236 HAGER, T.

This book includes a history of every NCAA tournament from 1930 to present and provides an analysis of the top 100 games played in the tournament.


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Book Trailer of the Week– Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Long Lankin by Lindey Barraclough.  Cora and  her younger sister are sent to live with their Aunt Ida in the creepy town of Bryers Guerdon.  They don’t know how long they will be staying there and all they want is to go back home and escape the terrifying home of their aunt.  Chills are around every corner of this novel and it is truly a classic horror story.  Click here to find Long Lankin in the Library!

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on March 1, 2013 Categories: Book Trailer, Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Book Trailer of the Week– Adaptation by Malinda Lo

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Adaptation by Malinda Lo.  In Adaptation, birds are suddenly falling dead from the sky causing airplanes to crash.   During the mayhem that has grounded all airplanes, two teens are forced to drive home after a national debate championship.  However, the rental car crashes near Area 51, and the teens awake a month later to find that they are being treated in a secret medical facility in Nevada.  After they return home, the two teens struggle with strange memories and soon discover that they may have new “abilities”.  Click here to find Adaptation in the Library!

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The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

The Butterfly Clues

by Kate Ellison

Since Lo’s brother disappeared, she cannot stop the counting.  Multiples of 3 are the safe numbers that mean everything is going to be OK.  Lo has also taken to wandering the streets of Neverland, the gritty area of Cleveland that is just a bus ride away from her family’s home in the posh suburb of Lakewood.  While wandering she also takes things.  Things that will make everything OK.  While stealing an angel statue from the front step of a worn down house, Lo hears a gunshot.  When Lo later learns that the gunshot was one that killed a young stripper named Sapphire, Lo must find out why the girl was murdered.  Lo delves deep into Neverland to unravel the mystery, with only her counting to protect her.  It is there that she meets Flint, a runaway, who sees something in Lo that no one else does.  Together they try to discover who murdered Sapphire.  However, in Neverland you cannot trust anyone.  

The Butterfly Clues is an intricately woven mystery that will keep you guessing all the way up to the last chapter.  Lo is a hard character to read.  She lives in fear everyday and her compulsive behaviors prevent her from being a normal girl.  However, as you get to know Lo better you see how strong she really is.  The relationship that develops between Lo and Flint is pretty interesting too, since you never really know what Flint’s role was in Saphhire’s life.  There’s more than one mystery to this story, so definitely pick this up if you like to read an excellent mystery novel.

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on October 23, 2012 Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Staff Pics

Book Trailer of the Week– The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

If you loved The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer as much as I did, then you probably know that the sequel, The Evolution of Mara Dyer, hits bookshelves on Tuesday.  If you haven’t read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, then click here to read my review and check it outThe Evolution of Mara Dyer continues to unravel the story behind what happened the night that three of Mara’s friends died in an accident and why she was able to escape with her life.  Click here to find The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin in the Library!

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Book Trailer of the Week– Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin.  Avery knows that she witnessed her parents brutal murder in the woods by her house, but she doesn’t remember what happened.  When she is forced to live with her grandmother that she barely knows, Avery feels lost and doesn’t know if she wants to remember.  When she meets Ben, the new guy in school, she feels a strong connection.  Ben may hold the keys to Avery remembering what happened the night her parents died.  Click here to find Low Red Moon in the Library!

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on August 31, 2012 Categories: Book Trailer, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Supernatural/Paranormal

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Little Brother

by Cory Doctorow

Marcus is an expert with a computer, and he has to be.  In his school computers rule.  They are not only for doing schoolwork, but technology is being used to keep track of and spy on the students.  In Marcus’ near-future world, technology is slightly more advanced than it is today.  In order to have some sort of  freedom and control while being online, Marcus has figured out how to maintain his privacy online while staying under the radar, mostly through hacking. 

This all changes one afternoon when Marcus and his friends skip class to join in a scavenger hunt as part of one of their favorite online games.  San Francisco comes under attack from terrorists and Marcus and his friends finds themselves close to the attack.  So close, in fact, the he and his friends are taken in by the Department of Homeland Security as possible threats.  Even though they had nothing to do with the attacks on San Francisco, Marcus and his friends are interrogated for days in an unknown prison about their involvement.  When they are finally set free, their lives are changed forever.  Marcus is scarred by the interrogation and to make matters worse his best friend Darryl was never released.

Marcus takes to the net determined to fight against all the new restrictions, curfews, and increased DHS presence in San Francisco as a result of the terrorist attacks.   Marcus feels that his story must be told and that people must fight back against Big Brother.  However, by fighting back, he risks everything… even his life. 

Little Brother is a great book for any reader.  There is a lot of action in this book and a good mystery.  Little Brother also makes you question if this could really be our future.  It is really believable that this world could one day be ours, and if it is, we all need to be better informed about how to maintain our privacy online.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and also give you a lot to think about.

Click here to find Little Brother in the Library!

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Fated by Alyson Noël


by Alyson Noël

Fated is the first book in Noël’s new Soul Seekers series.  If you are a fan of Alyson Noël’s Immortals series, then you should definitely pick up her new book Fated.  It is similar to the Immortals series because it has some supernatural elements to it, it has a mystery, and it has a really interesting main character with a unique ability.  If you like supernatural books, then this is definitely a good one to pick up, because this novel has a heavy basis in Native American mythology.  Daire, like Ever, has supernatural powers that allow her to be in the living world and also in the world of the dead–Daire is a soul seeker.  Her powers as a soul seeker give her visions and the ability to help souls in the living world and the after world.  She also has a spirit animal that guides her in her quests and gives her soul the ability to travel to the different worlds and in different forms.

Daire first experiences her abilities as a soul seeker through devastating visions that have her sent to a mental institution.  However, her grandmother reaches out to her and moves her to a small town in New Mexico so she can teach Daire to hone her new powers.  Daire comes from a long line of soul seekers on her father’s side.  However, in this small town called Enchantment, there exists another family of soul seekers.  This other family has set out to use their powers for evil.  In this family exists a set of twins, one that Daire knows to be evil and one that she feels an instant connection to.  As her powers as a soul seeker grow stronger, Daire must stop one brother from carrying out an evil act and figure out her connection to the other brother–a connection that she cannot even begin to understand.

Click here to find Fated in the Library today!

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