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10 Reviews by You

  The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games is a story that is packed with adventure and excitement.  I couldn’t even put the book down.  It’s also frightening and a loving book.  I think that whoever picks up this book will truly love it and won’t want to put it down.

review submitted by Alexandra

  Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsCatching Fire by Suzanne Collins surprised me by being an amazing sequel to The Hunger Games. I had high expectations for this book and they were achieved. Katniss and all her friends are back when the government decides to do a special edition hunger games, a challenge for the champions. With the government in more chaos than ever, will Katniss survive?

reviewed submitted by Samantha

  Once Upon a Marigold by Jean FerrisThis story was exciting and a good read.  It’s about a princess named Marigold forming a friendship with commoner Christian.  Christian lives in a cave with his friend Ed.  He finds work in the castle, reveals his identity to Marigold, and uncovers the plot Mother Olympia is planning (she is evil).

review submitted by Katie

  The Red Pyramid by Rick RiordanThis book tells the story of Sadie and Carter Kane, siblings who, after their mother’s death, were separated.  Now, on Christmas Day, one of two days they can meet, they witness their father’s capture by Set, and Egyptian God.  This sets off a journey to find out who they really are and to learn to master their powers, all while trying to save their dad.  I really liked this book because it combines Egyptian mythology with adventure and excitement.  I recommend this book for anyone interested in mythology.

review submitted by Ellen

ttyl by Lauren Myraclettyl is a book that teen girls would like.  It has some problems that girls might understand.  It was in a cool format like AIM.  If I was to rate this book, I would rate it 5 stars.  It’s got a lot of things happening and it makes you feel like you’re really IMing someone.

review submitted by Isabella

Pretty Little Liars by Sara ShepardPretty Little Liars is a story of five girls entering 7th grade.  Then one goes missing.  Four years later they find her, well, her body.  Could Ali’s death bring Spencer, Aria, Hannah, and Emily closer to the fact that Ali is haunting them, or does someone know their deepest secrets?

review submitted by Emma

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 cover Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2To start the conclusion of the epic Harry Potter series, we find our heroes at a beach house with a goblin named Griphook.  They find out where one of the last horcruxes is and set off to find it.  Meanwhile, everyone is preparing for the battle between Harry and Voldemort.  This movie is a definite must see because of the action and amazing battles.This movie is rated PG-13.

review submitted by Flynn

 Jinx book cover Jinx by Meg CabotI thought this was a really good book for people who enjoy magic, and somewhat romance novels.  A girl nicknamed Jinx, for her bad luck, moved in with her aunt and uncle to escape a stalker.  Her cousin Tory is determined to ruin Jinx’s life only because Jinx has magical powers and Tory doesn’t.  All I’m going to say is, did Jinx really escape horror by coming to New York, or did she walk right into it?

review submitted by Pooja

  Monte Carlo (2011)I saw the movie Monte Carlo! It was about a girl who wanted to go on a trip to Monte Carlo. She finally goes with some of her work friends. It was a great movie and any age can see it.This movie is rated PG.

review submitted by Haley

  The Sword Thief by Peter Larangis (The 39 Clues, book 3)The third 39 Clues book was a thrilling, action-packed clue-hunting book.  I’d recommend this series to anyone who loves quick books with a ton of suspense.

review submitted by Sara

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10 Reviews by You

 Secretariat Secretariat

I saw the movie Secretariat, which was really good. It is a true story about a horse named Secretariat who competes in horse races all over and tries to win. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone no matter the age… It is rated PG and is a really good true story about the life of owning horses. It just came out on DVD recently and I just saw it for the first time.

review submitted by Haley

 Misscongenialitydvdcover Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality is a hilarious Sandra Bullock movie.  It has action, violence, humor, fashion, and a girly touch.  I’d recommend this movie to a group of girls that want to laugh out loud.  That’s a wrap!

review submitted by Sara

 Keys to the Demon Prison Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull

Keys to the Demon Prison is the fifth book in the Fablehaven series
This book was about an adventure that two teenagers went on that get them mixed into a magical world with evil demons lurking about.  They team uo with magical creatures to stop the opening of Zzyzx, the demon prison.  I really like this book because it was practically overflowing with action, adventure, humor, heroism, and fun.

review submitted by Michael

 LongWay Gone  A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

In this amazing autobiography of the author’s unfortunate childhood in Sierra Leone, he finds himself in the middle of a civil war.  When his family perishes by the rebels, he is forced to become a boy soldier in order to survive.  This book will make you want to keep reading until the very end.

review submitted by Brian

 Swim the Fly Swim the Fly by Don Calame

Swim the Fly is about three friends who want to get better at swimming so they can impress a girl.  It was a good story and a quick read.

review submitted by Eric

 PromKings DramaQueens Prom Kings and Drama Queens by Dorian Cirrone

I thought the book Prom Kings and Drama Queens was very good.  Once I started, it was hard to stop, and it made me feel good at the end.  At the beginning, the main character almost gets arrested.  The way she deals with this surprised me.  Also, she has to make a hard decision towards the end of the book, that I wasn’t expecting.

review submitted by Ivanka

 Answer Book Answer Book: fast facts about our world by the National Geographic Society

If you dream about learning more, like me, the Answer Book is perfect for you.  Whether you want to read about maps, space, human history, or life on earth, the Answer Book has it all.  I think it is unique because not only does it talk about earth in the past and today, but it also has an atlas in the back and tells you how to get more information about what you’re reading online.  I would recommend this for fifth graders to adults who want to know more about the world around them.

review submitted by Matthew

 Shade Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shade is the story of a girl who lives in a world where everyone sees ghosts, everyone, that is, who were born after the Shift.  After her boyfriend dies, Aura has a hard time letting his ghost go, while she starts having feelings for the new student at her school.  Shade is an exciting story that’s hard to put down, especially when the secret of the Shift is revealed.

review submitted by Natalie

 Origins Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s diaries: v. 1: Origins by L.J. Smith

Stefan Salvatore lived in Mystic Falls with his father and his brother, Damon.  When he meets Katherine, his life turns upside down and he betrays his family.  While there is mysterious killings, Stefan finds out Katherine’s big secret.  What does he do?

review submitted by Stephanie

 Forgotten Garden The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

This suspenseful mystery surprised me with twists and turns at every corner.  The main character is trying to finish discovering her grandmother Nell’s past, that leads her from Australia to the Cornish coast.  This novel was a thrilling read, but was often hard to follow as it changed perspective every chapter.  Four Stars.

review submitted by Elizabeth

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10 Reviews By You

The Looking Glass The Looking Glass by Richard Paul Evans

I read The Looking Glass by Richard Paul Evans. It was a good book and I would also recommend all his books to everyone who likes to learn/hear about love, treasure, as well as mysteries that they find.

review submitted by Haley



Bud not Buddy book cover Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

I just read Bud, Not Buddy.  It was really funny.  The main character, Bud, has a great imagination and is hilarious.  It is set in the 1930’s and  you learn a lot about what was going on during the depression and how people survived.

review submitted by Jeff



Lule Dark Can See Through Walls book cover Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls by Bennett Madison

Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls is about a girl named Lulu Dark whose purse gets stolen.  She doesn’t want to play detective, she just wants her purse back.  But when things start getting stranger and a Lulu impersonator, dead classmate, nail concious stalker, and more start showing up, Lulu realizes this isn’t just about a lost purse.

review submitted by Katie



 A Long Walk to Water book cover A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Salva lives in a war torn country, Nya has to walk eight hours a day for water.  Neither children live an idylic childhood, or even close to one.  How will each child survive when sickness and war are all over?

review submitted by Paige



Vampire Kisses book cover Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

A goth girl falls in love with a goth vampire.  In the process, they encounter two other vampires who want to get revenge on the goth vampires.  This was a good book.  If you like the Twilight Saga, you will love this book.  I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

review submitted by Isha



Fruits Basket book cover Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Tohru Honda is a high school student.  She lost her parents at a young age, so she lived with her grandfather.  But, while her grandfather’s house was getting renovated, she lived in a tent.  But it was on Sohma property and they found her, so the Sohmas let her live with them for awhile.  But Tohru stumbles upon their family secret.

review submitted by Karen



Ask Me No Questions book cover Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos

Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos is an amazing book.  It’s the story of Nadira and her family being considered terrorists after the 9-11 attacks.  IT’s breathtaking and you want to keep reading no matter what.  It shows you the other side of immigrant life.

review submitted by Shane



Heart and Salsa book cover Heart and Salsa by Suzanne Nelson

Heart and Salsa is about a girl named Cat who loves diving.  When she moves to Boston, she does anything she can to get away.  So, she signs up for the S.A.S.S. program to go to Mexico and spend some girl bonding time with her best friend Sabrina, who happens to have a boyfriend that no one told Cat about.  Cat gets caught in a little romance, too.  This book is a quick read that I would recommend.

review submitted by Natalia


Mud City book cover Mud City by Deborah Ellis

In this epic conclusion of the Breadwinner Trilogy, Shazuia, Parvana’s friend, has come to a refugee camp in Pakistan.  Later on, she travels to Peshanar, Pakistan in search of work to get to France to get away from her miserable life.  As you read this book, you might wonder if her plan is actaully a possibility or just a hopeless dream of escaping.

review submitted by Brian



Step Up 3 DVD Step Up 3 

I really love dancing and it is one of my dreams so when I saw Step Up 3, I was amazed.  The dance moves, group dances, and music were so well thought out and extraordinary.  The story follows a dance group waiting to battle another, but first they go through personal obstacles.  This movie had amazing choreography and actors/actresses.  I will definitely watch it again!

review submitted by Sharzad

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10 Reviews by You

 MisterMonday Mister Monday by Garth Nix

Arthur Penhaligon was a normal kid until one Monday when he was given a strange key.  The key helped him breath because he had asthma and the key led him to a place called the House.  In the House, Arthur’s adventure takes off with his friend Suzy.  I would recommend this book and it’s series to anyone.

review submitted by Madeline

 Soul-surfer-dvd Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer, the movie, was a really good. It was a true movie based on a girl who lost one of her arms while surfing. She was so determined to continue even with one arm and she did it. It was really good but sad because a shark bit her and made her arm bleed.  She has continued to surf even without an arm in competitions.

review submitted by Haley

 Switched Switched by Jessica Wollman

This was a very good book.  It was about a poor girl who wanted to go to college (but didn’t have the money) meeting a rich girl who didn’t like school.  They switched places to have what they each wanted.

review submitted by Katie

Exodus   Exodus by Julie Bertagna

Exodus is the story of what life could be like in the future.  The icecaps melted and most of the world was flooded.  This makes you wonder whether we are on the brink of a world like that.  It’s a very good story and is scary to think that we may have to deal with this in the future.

review submitted by Natalie

IndieGirl    Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani

An Indian girl wants to be a fashion reporter, so she babysits the famous reporter Aaralyn Taylor’s son, hoping that it will let her get into an internship.  The story is how she struggles to get Aaralyn to like her.

review submitted by Faba

Forest of Hands and Teeth    The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Mary lived all her life in feat of the Forest of Hands and Teeth behind the fence that protected her from it.  Now she must leave the security of the fence and search for a new life where she could escape the Unconsecrated.   The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a story of a dark and scary world where the dead walk alive, but also a place where hope can be found.  It is a book that is hard to put down, filled with action, love, and hope.

review submitted by Natalie

 AndThenThere And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I think And Then There Were None was a great book, even though I don’t read mystery books that often.  And I love the twist at the end of the book.

review submitted by Cody

 TeashopGirls The Teashop Girls by Laura Schaefer

The Teashop Girls is a great book about Annie, Genna, and Zoe (the Teashop Girls) and how they have different lives.  But when the  Steeping Leaf is about to go out of business, they work together and do everything they can to save it–even if it means fighting with your best friend.

review submitted by Katie

 LostHero The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

This has to be one of the best books ever.  I loved all the action, adventure, and suspense put into it.  At times I felt like I was in the story.  The characters were awesome.  They had so much personality, I wished they were real.  I can’t wait until the next book. I loved it!

review submitted by Keandrea

KikiStrike  Kiki Strike and the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller

Kiki Strike is a fascinating book about a behind-kicking super-spy finding an underground city in Manhattan.  The action and comedy in it was so amazing.  I could not take my eyes off of it!  From skeletons to princesses, this book has it all.  I advise any teens from 10 years to 15 years to read this book.  It is mind blowing!

review submitted by Grace

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Book Trailer of the Week–I am Number Four and The Power of Six

Here’s another two for one deal book trailer of the week.  Most of you have probably heard of I Am Number Four, mostly because it was made into a movie earlier this year (see my previous post).  Click here to find I am Number Four at the Library.   Here’s the book’s trailer:

The latest book in the series, The Power of Six, will be out on bookshelves on August 23.  Click here to find The Power of Six at the Library.  Here’s the book  trailer that was released this past week:

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Movie and TV News– Updates on Teen Books in Pop Culture

Promotional posters for the CW’s new fall TV program, The Secret Circle, have been released.  Click here to get to the original article and take a look at the other posters.  Also, if you haven’t read L.J. Smith’s The Secret Circle series, the book series this new CW TV series is based on, click here to find it in the Library.
Andrea Cremer’s second book in her Nightshade series, Wolfsbane, was just released on Tuesday.  Click here to find Wolfsbane at the Library.  If you’ve already finished the sequel, or just want to read ahead, EW’s Shelf Life has the exclusive look at the first chapter in the third book of the series BloodroseBloodrose won’t be released until February 2012, so click here and take an exclusive look!
Scott Westerfeld announced on his blog on Monday that Uglies trilogy will be made into a movie!  Click here to find Uglies at the Library.

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on July 28, 2011 Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Movies

First Look at Peeta and Gale

Previously, we posted Entertainment Weekly’s first look at Jennifer Lawrence at Katniss, in The Hunger Games movie. 

Well, now Entertainment Weekly has the first look at Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale, respectively:


I have to admit, they look a lot like how I pictured the characters in my head.  If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, yet, click here to check it out at the Library and read it before the movie comes out!  Also, check out the July 29th issue of Entertainment Weekly that features this cover and more inside about the filming of The Hunger Games movie.  Did you know that you can find current issues of Entertainment Weekly in the Library and also check out the older issues?

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Movie Recommendation from Emily–Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

HP7P1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is the best Harry Potter movie yet! Everyone that has seen or read any of the books should definitely see this movie.  With Part 2 that just came out, watching the first movie will be a great refresher before you see the second part.  Although the end seemed kind of sudden, it was a great cliffhanger for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Click here to find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in the Library.

submitted by Emily

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10 Reviews by You

SomeoneLikeYou  Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Halley and Scarlett are the best of friends.  Junior year, Scarlett’s boyfriend gets killed in an accident and Scarlett gets pregnant with their baby.  It’s up to Halley to help Scarlett as much as possible and be supportive when everyone else is not.  Meanwhile, Halley has to deal with problems of her own…

review submitted by Katie

The Chicken Dance  The Chicken Dance by Jacques Couvillion

The Chicken Danceis about a boy named Don.  Don lives on a farm and enters a chicken judging contest.  He wins first place and gets invited to the international chicken judging contest.  He stumbles upon a birth certificate saying his name is Stanley.  He starts to learn about his family and who his real mother is.

review submitted by Clara

Breadwinner  The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

The Breadwinner is a brilliantly-paced book about a young girl, Parvana, living in Afghanistan.  When her father gets arrested by the Taliban, she pretends to be a boy in order to support her family.  Great for all ages, this book will bring suspense, thrills, and some knowledge of Afghanistan through Parvana’s life in Kabul.

review submitted by Brian

Snail Mail  Snail Mail No More by Paula Danzinger and Ann M. Martin

Snail Mail No More is about two girls who email each other.  They are best friends, but one of them moved away so they contacted each other by letters (a.k.a. snail mail) and then by email.  Each girl contacts one another to help resolve a problem, and for advice.  I would recommend this book because it is an easy read and relates to real life.

review submitted by Natalia

Everlost  Everlost by Neal Shusterman

Everlost is about two kids, Allie and Nick, who got killed in a car crash.  Now, they’re in a place between heaven and earth: Everlost.  They feel lost there and miss their families.  They have to learn to accept that they are no longer alive and face their fears, along with many challenges.

review submitted by Jenny

Powerless  Powerless by Matthew Cody

This book was about a regular 12-year-old boy in a not-so-regular town.  He finds himself surrounded by other kids who apparently have super powers.  They ask him to help save them from an unknown being who robs them of their powers once they’re 13.  This book was heroic and fun to read.  I would recommend it to almost anyone.

review submitted by Michael

ThingsNotSeen  Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements

Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements is a thrilling tale.  It’s about a boy named Bobby Phillips who wakes up one morning and is invisible.  Bobby struggles at first but then gets used to being invisible.  Can Bobby find a cure?  This tale has romance and action.

review submitted by Shanna

HungerGames  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I give The Hunger Games a 5 out of 5 stars.  It’s about a capital, Panem, that is surrounded by twelve outlying districts.  The capital is harsh and cruel.  They (the Capital) send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12–18 to participate in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.  This book is a very good read.  It has action and violence and you must read it.

review submitted by Jake

Fablehaven  Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Kendra and Seth go to stay with their grandparents.  It turns out that their grandparent’s house has a forest full of endangered mythical creatures.  Their grandpa is the caretaker of the place (Fablehaven).  Then something bad happens, an evil witch is released and she tries to release a demon.  Will Seth and Kendra be able to stop her?

review submitted by Zack

Goonies  The Goonies directed by Richard Donner

The Goonies was a great movie about an adventure with a purpose.  A band of kids (the Goonies) are on a quest to find treasure to help save their homes from foreclosure.  I loved the scary monsters and the classic shoot ’em up bad guys!  I also loved the past vs. present duel between an ancient pirate stronghold and a clever, adventurous boy.  I recommend this movie for any and all over 13 years old.

review submitted by John

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Movie News–Updates on Teen Books in Pop Culture

Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L. Going

Fat kidLast week K.L. Going posted on her blog that the movie for Fat Kid Rules the World has finally started filming. Click here to read the full post.  The independent film is shooting in Seattle, and will star two indie actors Jacob Wysocki and Matt O’Leary.  Fat Kid Rules the World is an older novel, but it is a really good read.  Also, the audiobook is excellent and is read by Matthew Lillard.  Click here to download it!  We first meet Troy, who is overweight and depressed, as he is contemplating suicide by throwing himself in front of a train.  However, right before he is about to jump onto the tracks, the legend that is Curt MacCrae stops him. Curt has a reputation as a genius guitar player, punk rocker, and a slightly homeless high school drop out.  In exchange for saving Troy’s life, Curt claims that Troy owes him lunch, and thus begins an interesting friendship.  Troy always wanted to be in a band and Curt just happens to need a drummer, nevermind that Troy can’t play the drums.  Together Curt and Troy set out to make an impact on the punk scene in New York.  However, how much can a homeless possibly drug addicted skinny kid and a 6’1″ 198 pound depressed guy do to change the world…?

 The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

Luxe The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the production team behind the TV show Gossip Girl is bringing Anna Godbersen’s Luxe series to the big screen.  Filming has not yet begun and the screenplay is currently being written, but it sounds like they want the stlye of the movie to be like that of Moulin Rouge, complete with musical numbers.  The Luxe series is a four book series, and the first book entitled The Luxe is set in Manhattan in 1899.  The novel opens on a funeral of a young heiress named Elizabeth.  We are then taken back through the events that have led to Elizabeth’s death.  Scandalous affairs, forced marriages, and high society definitely make this series an interesting spin on the traditional Gossip Girl drama.


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Finally, look out for the book Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi later this year.  Not only is it in the ever popular dystopian genre, but is also reporting that it already has a movie deal.  The novel centers on Juliette who has the power to kill by touch.  After she accidently kills someone, “the Reestablishment” finds out what she can do and locks up for murder.  Meanwhile, outside her prison, the world is falling apart.  Look for Shatter Me to hit bookshelfs in November 2011.



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