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Book Trailer of the Week– Icons by Margaret Stohl

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Icons by Margaret Stohl.  Margaret Stohl is famous for being one half of the writing duo who brought you the Beautiful Creatures series.  Icons is her first solo novel since writing the series and will be published and on bookshelves this Tuesday, May 7.  Icons is set in a dystopian future where Lords rule the world.  The Lords are alien life forms that came to earth in the 21st century.  They destroyed the environment with their weaponry and have power over the human race due to their ability to kill with electric pulses.  Dol and Ro are two teen survivors of the first wave of attacks by the Lords.  They have been raised in the Grass and untouched by the Lords’ rule.  However, when their caregiver is murdered the teens have to struggle to survive on their own.  Click here to find Icons in our catalog and look for it on our shelves on Tuesday!

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on May 4, 2013 Categories: Book Trailer, Fiction

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