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Book Trailer of the Week– Slide by Jill Hathaway

This week’s book trailer of the week is for Slide by Jill Hathaway.  Looking for a good mystery?  Click here to find Slide in the Library!

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Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

by Joe Schreiber

With a title like Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick I had no idea what I was in for when I picked up this book by Joe Schreiber.  I definitely did not expect a book that has so much action that it puts some of the latest action movies to shame!  I also did not expect that the character that is the cause of all the danger, violence, and excitement is a female foreign exchange student.  Finally, I didn’t expect that I would love this book and that by the end of the book it was not even close to the story I thought I was reading when I first started.

When I first picked up Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, I thought it would be a mix of a romance with a weird storyline that involved a foreign exchange student.  While some of that is true, the story is so much more!  Perry is your normal teenage guy, he is a little bit on the geeky side, but deals with the normal pressures that a high school senior deals with– choosing the right college, working at his dad’s work, and dealing with the pressure his parents put on him to achieve the best.  However, there is one thing in Perry’s life that isn’t that normal, his family’s Lithuanian exchange student named Gobi.  A majority of this novel takes place on one night, a night that will change Perry’s life forever, the night that Perry takes Gobi to the prom and learns that Gobi is actually a 24-year-old trained assassin who has commandeered Perry to be her driver for the night while she hunts down those she has been assigned to kill.

The characters of both Perry and Gobi are so much fun to read.  Gobi appears to be this weak girl at first, but is actually a kick butt assassin who is both scary and awesome.  Perry grows a lot in this story and at first you think there’s no one that he will survive this night as Gobi’s chauffer.  I won’t give the ending away, so you will need to read the book to find out if Perry does make it out alive.  This novel has everything action, a little romance, a mystery, and drama.  However, there is strong language and a lot of violence, so if that is not something you like to read then this is not the book for you.  If you do like an awesome story that keeps you guessing and is filled with nonstop action, then pick up Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick at the Library today!

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Book Trailer of the Week– The Selection by Kiera Cass

This week’s book trailer of the week is for The Selection by Kiera CassThe Selection will hit book shelves next week and has already been picked up for a new TV show on the CW network.  Click here to check out Kiera Cass’ website where it has all the news about the cast and filming of the TV showAlso, click here to find The Selection in the Library!

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All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin

AllAll These Things I’ve Done

by Gabrielle Zevin

Anya Balanchine lives in New York City in 2083.  In this future New York City, things like chocolate, coffee, and caffeine are illegal.  Water is running out, and clothes are being handed down through the generations because production of new clothing has ceased.  This New York City is run by a government that outlaws many things that are commonplace today, but things like chocolate are still available if you know the right people.  Anya is one of those people.  She is the daughter of a black-market chocolate crime boss, and her family is what we would consider the mafia.  Anya’s father, however, was gunned down when she was a child and as far as she’s concerned she wants no part in the family business.  Anya will take the perks, though, that come along with being the prominent daughter in one of the most notorious chocolate mafia families.  However, these perks come with a price when she gives her ex-boyfriend chocolate that almost kills him.  Someone is lacing Anya’s family chocolate with poison and Anya takes the fall.  When she finds out what is really happening, Anya has to take steps to make things right which means getting involved in the family business after all.

All These Things I’ve Done is an interesting read.  This future NYC is a different kind of dystopian that we’ve been seeing in other books.  Zevin has created a world where each thing that is illegal plays such an important role to Anya’s story, even though this world is close to our, this is what makes this novel so interesting.   I really liked getting to know Anya’s world better, as much as I liked getting to know Anya herself.  She is a really likable character who you want to see take on her enemies and win, but you also hope that she can stay out of the family business and just be a normal teen.  The supporting characters in this book are just as important to the story, and you really get a sense of how vital family and friends are in this future world.  If you are a fan of dystopian books, like The Hunger Games, but want a world that is not as violent or so different from our own world then pick up Gabrielle Zevin’s All These Things I’ve Done.  It has all the things you could want out of a good read: action, crime, the mafia, a mystery, and even some romance thrown into the mix!

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The Watch That Ends the Night by Allan Wolf

The Watch That Ends the Night

by Allan Wolf

This weekend marks 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  If you are just learning about that disastrous night or if you have been a long time Titanic buff, you should pick up Allan Wolf’s The Watch That Ends the Night.  It’s a novel in verse that gives voice to many of the real life passengers aboard the Titanic from the time before it set sail to days after the sinking.  Some of the voices include the ship rat, and yes, it is an actual rat’s point of view of life aboard the Titanic.  The more famous passengers like John Jacob Aster, the millionaire, and E.J. Smith, the Titanic’s captain, also tell their side of the story.  There are lesser known passengers like Jamila Nicola-Yareed, a young teen immigrant who really was aboard the ship, and Wolf has given her a fictional story to tell about what might have happened to her aboard the ship.  There are a few other unexpected “characters” who have a voice in this novel, too, like the iceberg and the first class promenade.

The Watch That Ends the Night is a very compelling read and unlike many books about Titanic.  Since the author gives each character a personal story to tell, the events that unfold the night that the Titanic sinks are even more dramatic because you really care about each character.  Also, a great thing about this book is at the end: the author provides many facts that you should know about the Titanic and the people and things that he gave a voice to in the book.  I definitely feel that after having read the book, that I now know much more about the Titanic story.  I would highly recommend The Watch That Ends the Night to any aged reader who wants a fantastic book that relates the dramatic story of the Titanic.

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Book Trailer of the Week– Insurgent by Veronica Roth

This week’s book trailer is for Insurgent by Veronica RothInsurgent won’t hit book shelves until May 1, but the book trailer was posted last week.  If you are a fan of Divergent, you’ll definitely want to watch this trailer.  It’s really good!  Click here to find Insurgent in our catalog and put a hold on it today!

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Unwind reviewed by Rachel


by Neal Shusterman

The book Unwind was an amazing book. Even though it was a little extreme, it was awesome! One of the best books not involved in a series or trilogy.

review submitted by Rachel

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Book Trailer of the Week–Wither and Fever by Lauren DeStefano

This week’s book trailer of the week is a two-for-one deal!  Lauren DeStefano’s first book Wither, in the Chemical Garden Trilogy, was published last year.  Click here to find Wither in the Library!

If you have already read Wither, check out the second book Fever, that was published this past February.  Click here to find Fever in the Library!

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Read the first chapter of The City of Lost Souls!

Anticipating the release of Cassandra Clare’s fifth book in the Immortal Instruments series?  If you can’t wait until May 8, then click here to read the first chapter!  On her website (and on other websites) Cassandra Clare is releasing six parts of her new book, The City of Lost Souls.  Get started by reading the first chapter:

Click here to read the first chapter of The City of Lost Souls.

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