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Book Trailer of the Week–You Against Me by Jenny Downham

This week’s book trailer is for You Against Me by Jenny Downham.  Click here to find You Against Me at the Library!

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Listen to This–Katie’s Playlist for Once Upon a Marigold

Once Upon a Marigold Book CoverCheck out Katie’s playlist for Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris, by clicking the pop-out player below.

Click here to find Once Upon a Marigold in the Library and find out why Katie selected these songs for her playlist.

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How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg

How They Croaked

by Georgia Bragg

If you want to read some “toe-curling” nastiness this October then make sure to check out How They Croaked asap!  This book is filled with all the stomach turning grossness involved with a selection of famous historical figures and how they kicked the bucket.  There’s poisoning, explosions, autopsies, and all kinds of other gory tidbits.  So if you have taste for some history mixed with repulsive deaths then pick up this book today!

By MPPL on October 24, 2011 Categories: Nonfiction, Staff Pics

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer caught my interest after I heard the author describe the book,

Mara Dyer is an unreliable narrator that can’t be trusted–a PTSD sufferer whose hallucinations keep her from remembering the truth about the night that her boyfriend, friend, and best friend died.

However, when I picked it up to read, I was completely taken over.  This novel was amazing and it deserves all the buzz it is generating.  Here’s the shocker:  I read it, all 464 pages, in one day.  For me, this is an amazing feat, and it means I thought this book was really, really good!

Essentially, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a mystery, the reader left with the task to figure out what happened the night that Mara’s friends died and what is it about that night that is causing her to have post traumatic stress disorder.  The novel begins with Mara’s life before, when she lived in Rhode Island and was dealing with normal teenage problems: a new girl moving in on her territory with her best friend Rachel, and a crush on a boy who seemed perfect.  However, this all changed when Mara wakes up in a hospital room surrounded by her family and learns that there was an accident.  No, not a car accident, but a building collapsed and Mara was the only survivor.  Her best friend Rachel, the new girl Claire, and her boyfriend Jude are all dead and Mara can’t remember anything about that night.  Traumatized and left with hallucinations thanks to PTSD, Mara does anything she can to try to hide her anguish.  However, when you hallucinate seeing the dead, it is hard to try and hide it.  And I am going to stop summarizing there, because this book is definitely better read when you know very little about what to expect.

What I think made me love this book so much was that Mara was so unreliable.  Her mind is broken, so you don’t know what is true.  This book has an amazing mystery, a tortured romance, and is just a very compelling read.  I really don’t know how to put into words what it was like reading this book– I was completely drawn in and felt at times that I was Mara.  If you read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and love it as much as I do, you’re in luck (well maybe, that depends on your patience)!  The second book in the series will be out in Fall 2012.

Click here to find The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer at the Library.  Also, be sure to check out this awesome book trailer:

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Book Trailer of the Week–The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

This week’s book trailer of the week is for The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.  Click here to find The Scorpio Races at the Library!

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on October 22, 2011 Categories: Book Trailer, Fantasy, Fiction

No Choirboy by Susan Kuklin

No Choirboy

by Susan Kuklin

In 2005 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the death sentence for juveniles (under the age 18) was unconstitutional- until that time teenagers like yourself  (in some states) weren’t sitting in class they were sitting on death row instead.  Author Susan Kuklin gave these prisoners or their families a chance to share their stories with the world in her book, No Choirboy.

In these eye opening accounts, you  may question whether the teen deserved their sentence.  Like Roy, who was involved in a murder with 3 other guys who all got off, while he received the death penalty.  Or there are others like Mark and Nanon, who openly admit their crimes. There are teens who didn’t make it off death row who’s stories are shared by their family members

By Colleen, Teen Services Librarian on October 21, 2011 Categories: Nonfiction, Staff Pics

10 Reviews by You

ZombieWinterZombie Winterby Jason StrangeThis book was great!  I liked it.  The main character, Kane, finds out that his whole school turns into zombies.  I give this book 5 submitted by Dev

MockingjayMockingjay by Suzanne CollinsThis book, the third in a series, was an exciting end to the saga of the Hunger Games.  It was romantic, exciting, thrilling.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes books about what our future could be submitted by Jimmy

SweetnessSaltThe Sweetness of Salt by Cecilia GalanteWhen Julia graduates high school as the valedictorian, with a full ride to law school, she should be all set.  But when her sister comes home bringing family secrets with her, Julia starts to wonder.  She finds out she had a younger sister that died.  To find out the rest she follows her sister to Vermont, to find herself and her submitted by Katie

EverySoulStarEvery Soul a Star by Wendy MassThis was an interesting read!  If you’re interested in astronomy, this is the book for you!  I enjoyed the different points of view making the story unique, learning about the wonderful eclipse, and hearing another book from an author I like.  So, next time you need a summer read, check out this book!review submitted by Sarah

WhereMountainMeetsMoonWhere the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace LinMinli’s family is very poor.  Her mother always sighs and says they have bad fortune.  When her father tells stories about the old man of the moon who can answer any question, Minli goes out to find him.  A delightful story anyone would enjoy!review submitted by Katie

TearsTigerTears of a Tigerby Sharon M. DraperTears of a Tigerwas a very enjoyable book to read.  This book was a little sad at the end, but it taught a good lesson besides that.  I would recommend this book for all teens because most teens can relate to the lessons taught in this submitted by Jackie

AlphaDogAlpha Dog by Jennifer ZieglerAlpha Dog is a great recommendation for kids and teens 12 and over.  The beginning of the book was attaching, the middle was hilarious, but the end of the book was amazing.  I loved the drama and the way it can touch anybody’s heart.  It was such a great book and anybody with a sense of humor and a love for dogs will finish with a great submitted by Grace

SoccerChicksRuleSoccer Chicks Rule by Dawn FitzgeraldTess’ whole life is soccer, but when her school is having a vote to stop soccer, Tess tries to save her sport.  See what happens to Tess and her life in Soccer Chicks submitted by Madden

GirlWhoCouldFlyThe Girl Who Could Flyby Victoria ForesterThe Girl who Could Flywas just about the best book I ever read.  It was about a girl named Piper, who could fly, that was sent to an institution where she met children with so many different submitted by Nicole

PrettyLittleLiarsPretty Little Liarsby Sara ShepardPretty Little Liarswas a super good book.  It’s about these four girls and how their friend named Ali disappeared, and how they also have been getting texts from someone named submitted by Nicole

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EXCLUSIVE- Crossed by Ally Condie Trailer

Crossed book coverEntertainment Weekly just posted the book trailer for Crossed the highly anticipated sequel to Matched. Click HERE to check it out!

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Listen to this– Sharzad’s playlist for Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Check out Sharzad’s playlist for the character of Cammie from Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter, by clicking on the Pop-Out Player button below.

Click here to find the book Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy at the Library and find out why Sharzad selected these songs for the character of Cammie for her  playlist.  And here’s her playlist for Cammie.

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It’s Teen Read Week!

Icon for the Picture it Teen eventCelebrate Teen Read Week, October 16-22, at the Library!  Want some ideas about how to celebrate?

The Adoration of Jenna Fox takes place in the near future when 17-year-old Jenna Fox wakes up to find that she has been in a coma for over a year. In this novel, that centers on the ethics of biomedical engineering, Jenna questions why she cannot regain her memories but has no problem reciting things an average high schooler learns in class and why her family is acting so strangely towards her.

Check out the book trailer for the book:

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