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Protecting the Planet reviewed

This review is taken from a MPPL Summer Reading Program log:

The book that I read was called Protecting the Planet by Pamela Dell.  It is about how you can protect animals in danger by not littering.  Also how to protect our planet by not cutting down trees.

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Toy Story 3

This review is taken from a MPPL Summer Reading Program log:

I just saw the movie Toy Story 3, which I thought was great.  It had a very good ending because unlike most movies it didn’t use any of its possible cheesy ending points.  The movie kept on going until it had the perfect ending.

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On the Road reviewed

Road1 This review is taken from a MPPL Teen Summer Reading Program log:

I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac  twice this summer and I was reminded how important it is to read language and not just plot.  Kerouac’s writing made the book incredible.  His escapades also made me want to live in the 50s.

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Tuesdays With Morrie reviewed by Haley

6a0110163d15ad860c01101678efc7860d-500pi I read Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. It was about Morrie who is a professor for a college and he has ALS. He has a student named Mitch who he liked having him in class. He and Mitch talk about what they do together. Then Morrie finally gets worse and can’t do many things by himself anymore and needs help from caregivers because he is very weak and sick. He ends up dying fom ALS which is really sad. It was a great story but really sad to read. I would  reccommend this book but I’m  warning you it’s very sad. I felt like crying in some parts but I didn’t because it’s a very emotional book and I would reccommend it if you like sad novels.

Review submitted by Haley

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