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Z for Zachariah reviewed

Z-for-zachariah-robert-c-obrien-paperback-cover-art This review is taken from a MPPL Teen Summer Reading Program log:

Z for Zachariah was about a sixteen year old girl whose family abandoned her and are most likely dead.  A man who was working on making a suit that won’t let the poison gas hurt you, thought her house was abandoned, so he went to live there causing her trouble.

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Project Runway reviewed by Brianna

Project_runway Female fashion models who work with the designers in Project Runway throughout the season are also in the competition. Each week, as the number of designers dwindle, the number of models are also reduced, with one model remaining at the end. Models are randomly pre-assigned to a designer during the first challenge, and from the second challenge onwards, the designers will have an opportunity to pick the model they wish to work with. This usually happens during the start of every episode save for the first, with the winner of the previous challenge receiving first pick, and the other designers picking models in order through host Heidi Klum’s random draw of large red shirt buttons with their names stored in a black velvet bag. Though, there are times when only the winning designer will be given the choice to pick with the following choices: either keep his or her previous model, take the losing designer’s model from the last challenge, or switch models with another competing designer.

Review submitted by Brianna

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief reviewed

Percy-jackson-lightning-thief-poster This review is taken from a MPPL Teen Summer Reading Program log:

I watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  I thought it was not as good as the book because it left out parts of the book that I was hoping to see.  They did leave it open for another movie, which is nice.

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