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Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula by Enid A. Goldberg

syndetics-lc  Looking for a biography that’s more than 100 pages?  Want something to gross out your teacher and maybe even yourself?  Then you should read Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula by Enid A. Goldberg.  No, there are no real vampires, but there really was a Count Dracula. He was born in 1431 to a powerful family of princes in Romania. Years after some local nobles killed his father and buried his brother alive, Vlad took revenge on them.  Do you know what “impale” means?  It’s a word that here means “to drive a stick through.”  Perhaps that gives you an idea why he is called “Vlad the Impaler.”  But this is more than a gross story, it is also the tale of the final fall of the Roman Empire, the wars between Christian Europe and Islamic Asia, and what is real versus what is legend.

By MPPL on November 3, 2008 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Non-fiction

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